Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mobile Phone... is there anything you can't do?

I was procrastinating... again... and found a competition by Gizmodo for photographs taken with mobile phones.

I stole my favorite... check the others out, you won't be disappointed!

Samsung Pixon
12 Program
Mode ISO 50 Macro Focus
The picture was taken in "Vintage Mode" with the exposure dialed down a few notches. I was standing outside, trying to find something that I could possibly use in this contest, when my daughter came outside wanting to blow bubbles. We had previously been out in the pool together and I had earlier hung our bathing suits outside to dry. As we were playing, a good sized bubble found its way into the the puddle that had been left behind on the railing, so I pulled out my phone, quickly toggled a few settings, and this was what I got!
-Joe Testman

Thank you Gizmodo for again helping me to waste time!

Love to all

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  1. This is my husbands picture. He has a couple more that are similar. I will post them to my blog so you can see them if you like.


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