Sunday, July 11, 2010

Half-arsed is better than no arse

I handed in my assignment at 4.30am this morning, in time to watch the Netherlands Vs Spain but went to sleep instead. I heard this morning that the Dutch lost... Lucky my family isn't too fanatical about soccer. I know that there is at least one dutch collegue who is taking today off as compassionate leave. Gutted that I haven't pretended to take more of an interest! I could have taken compassionate leave too!

Maybe at 4.30am I am not at the top of my game and I didn't proof read the assignment (which is always bad) but by that time I was thinking "I don't care anymore" I have been working on this damn thing every night for weeks and if it isn't good enough now it won't ever be. Good ol stuff it mentality. Its funny actually how much work I will put into assignments like this... 2 weeks of late nights for 20% weighting. Just 20% while I will cram a total of 5 hours the night before for a 50% weighted exam. I think I am doing it wrong.

I think I am up the sleepy cranky end of the dwarf scale today.

Just trying to remember their names:
Doc, Happy, Dopey, Bashful, Sleepy, Cranky (not so sure about that one).... ok I got 7... what is the other ones name?

Should get back to work

Love to all

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