Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Are they paying us out?

Darian and I cannot figure out if the add claiming that the Total Care Toothbrush is a revolution in tooth hygiene, is serious or is it taking the piss out of us. Revolution? Really? A hole in the handle, so that you can hold onto the toothbrush better and give you greater control over where the brush goes. Personally I have never had a problem holding onto my toothbrush... I have one with a non-slip handle just in case my hand is slippery (I get it, you are in the bathroom so soap and water make your hand slippery). I am not sure about revolution... OK I need to stop being sarcastic but seriously, what marketing brainy-ac came up with this advertising campaign?

There's nothing worse than picking up a brand new toothbrush only to get home and find it's a dud. That's where our trusty reader reviews come in, helping you sort the Good, the Bad and the plain Ugly. See what they thought of REACH's Total Care Toothbrush

Yes, for me a dud toothbrush is at the top of my "concern" list. Right before money, famine and world peace.

Sleep tight www!
Love to all

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