Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can't think of a good title

Hello all!,

I hope everyone is rosy today. I am not... I discovered at 10am this morning that it is in fact Thursday (not Friday) and to be honest with you... that kind of pissed me off. Not only is it not the weekend tomorrow but I wore my Friday "casual" clothes on a Thursday. Damn. I didn't have a choice because our washing machine is broken (Darian is still trying to figure out what went wrong) and I have all of the clothes in the back of the car to clean them at the laundromat across the road after I finish work. But I thought that was all happening on a Friday and had a much sunnier outlook about haveing to stuff around finding 4 $1 coins for the coin operated washer machines, waste an hour of my time babysitting them so that no-one takes off with my favorite nickers. Don't laugh, it has happened to me before, fair enough it was at college and if it isn't nailed to the floor or covered in sticky then it is pretty much up for grabs.

Right now I am going through orders for the end of financial year. So stressful! Anyone singing "Happy EOFY" is gonna get a coffee thrown at them... see told you I wasn't feeling very rosy today.

On the bright side of things... I was a good relative last night and spoke to my cousin/friend Mel. I am actually a very bad relative and had to ask her to give me her mobile number because I lost it but I think she forgave me. I haven't spoken to her much since I left Brisbane... I know what you are thinking: that I am self absorbed... it's true but can you keep your thinking about me a little to yourself please? It was nice to speak to her though and hear about that side of the family (and catch up on some good old fasioned gossip!!). I got an email from my Grandfather and Great Aunt too that I haven't responded to yet. I owe my Grandpa a call anyway (promise tonight! probably while I am waiting for my clothes to wash).

But the biggest news of all: My lill bro Sprout is going to be coming to visit me!

Very very excited!

Anyway, as I was bitching before about the End of Financial Year, I should get back to work.

Love to All

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