Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happieness is....

Could not be happier right now! I have a whole hour just for uni (right after adding this entry to my blog that is). Darian made dinner (and lunch for tomorrow), I had a hectic day at work but deliberately left my work at work (even though it is end of month), went to the gym and now am in bed, laptop in front of me and my iPhone music play list is set. Productive day but now my body aches.

I worked for a man called Bob and he used to say "No rest for the wicked so I must be evil"

And now for something completely different:

Thought you might find this entertaining -

If you haven't heard the Little Big Planet Sound track... I rate it!

Love to all

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Work... what a great way to kill a perfectly good Monday

I got a killer email from my parents asking me to remember that my job isn't so bad.

But the winner by far is:

Feel better about your Monday now?
I do!

Love to all

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can't think of a good title

Hello all!,

I hope everyone is rosy today. I am not... I discovered at 10am this morning that it is in fact Thursday (not Friday) and to be honest with you... that kind of pissed me off. Not only is it not the weekend tomorrow but I wore my Friday "casual" clothes on a Thursday. Damn. I didn't have a choice because our washing machine is broken (Darian is still trying to figure out what went wrong) and I have all of the clothes in the back of the car to clean them at the laundromat across the road after I finish work. But I thought that was all happening on a Friday and had a much sunnier outlook about haveing to stuff around finding 4 $1 coins for the coin operated washer machines, waste an hour of my time babysitting them so that no-one takes off with my favorite nickers. Don't laugh, it has happened to me before, fair enough it was at college and if it isn't nailed to the floor or covered in sticky then it is pretty much up for grabs.

Right now I am going through orders for the end of financial year. So stressful! Anyone singing "Happy EOFY" is gonna get a coffee thrown at them... see told you I wasn't feeling very rosy today.

On the bright side of things... I was a good relative last night and spoke to my cousin/friend Mel. I am actually a very bad relative and had to ask her to give me her mobile number because I lost it but I think she forgave me. I haven't spoken to her much since I left Brisbane... I know what you are thinking: that I am self absorbed... it's true but can you keep your thinking about me a little to yourself please? It was nice to speak to her though and hear about that side of the family (and catch up on some good old fasioned gossip!!). I got an email from my Grandfather and Great Aunt too that I haven't responded to yet. I owe my Grandpa a call anyway (promise tonight! probably while I am waiting for my clothes to wash).

But the biggest news of all: My lill bro Sprout is going to be coming to visit me!

Very very excited!

Anyway, as I was bitching before about the End of Financial Year, I should get back to work.

Love to All

Night Boredom

Making shadow puppets with our hands! Plus some arty shots of Darian's phone-light. I call them "extremely dark for something that looks like the sun - series".

I hope the photos still look ok now that I got rid of the emo background!

This is what I am looking out onto as I go to sleep (more impressive with eyes rather than the iPhone camera - no offense to my iPhone which has feelings just like my other friends).

Love to all and sleep tight www.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Work emails

I think that work emails (as in the ones that get sent to you at work by work collegues, not the ones that are actually work related) are on one side of a the entertainment spectrum or the other. They either make you cry with laughter or make you want to hit your co-worker with a rusty bycicle. Sorry but inspirational words in powerpoint form with waterfall music in the background and stolen photographs from national geographic? That makes me mad. There are 2 mins of my life I will never get back.

However having said that, I have had some brilliant emails come through lately. I am absolutely entertained by the comic Cyanide and Happiness. The insane crazieness and simple randomness makes me laugh.

And if that isn't your thing, everyone likes office blow-outs don't they?

Love to all,

Lost without Lost

For the last 3 months or so I have been watching Lost on DVD. I watched the entire first season in a fortnight while Darian was away and was completely hooked. Darian got back and watched the second season with me and then he was hooked too. So we have been watching it every spare second (and sometimes late into the night because one episode is never enough) and now it is over. I know it is just a TV show but watching the last episode was very very sad! We have none left. What will we do in our spare time now? We had the same problem with Gilmore Girls when we watched the last ever episode I was devestated. We have some movies and to be honest I have so much work and study to do that I shouldn't have been wasting my time with TV anyway. A girl can't spend all her time with work and no play. I think we have all seen the Steven King documentary on what happens when people don't take a break!

I yet again only gave myself 10 mins before I have to get back to work.
Thanks for tuning in!

Love to all

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Typing without the letter "E"

I smashed up my nail on my left hand, middle finger. You know... the one that you use to type "e" "d" and "c" which appear in every word I type. My whole hand hurts!

I thought this was cool

I am thinking about extreme sports I would like to try when I win the lottery and don't need to work anymore.
1. Free diving
2. Scuba diving
3. Base jumping (with the bat suite or not)
4. Sky diving
5. Rock climbing

Something to think about anyway.
I am going to reserve typing for work for the rest of the day.

Love to all

Monday, June 14, 2010

Only 10 mins!

Damn it! I ony gave myself 10 mins to blog today (because I am supposed to be working and studying)and wasted the whole time tinkering with the new layout designer feature. So I hope you like the new background, it is a bit different anyway. I have a cool video to share but otherwise must get back to what I am supposed to be doing (I am 5 mins over my 10 min limit!)

Love to all,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

So cute your head will explode!

Today is a lazy, educational day, studying on the couch with my cat keeping my tummy warm. There was a David Attinborough documentary on earlier called Amber time machine, basically the scientific rationale behind Jurassic Park. Very cool! I watched a trashy american TV show after that and now Meerkat Manour is on TV (my favorite semi-documentary). Lola got bitten by a puff adder and is very sick. Her sister Punk is taking advantage of the situation by attacking Lola so that she can take the crown. So dramatic! I found a picture of my favorite Meerkat Shakespear. So cute he will make your head explode!

I hope you all have a lazy day like me! Love long weekends!

Love to all

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Funny Pictures

Hi All,

I am in a wordless mood today so I will let these pictures speak for me (thanks Sprout for sending me these cute pics :) ):

Love to all!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Now I remember

So cold isn't all bad!

- Posted on the road

Friday, June 4, 2010

Street light ?

You know it is a miserable day when the stree light is on at 11am. Melbourne bordering on winter. It's going to get colder from here folks!

- Posted on the road

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