Monday, April 26, 2010


The last month has been mental for me. Uni starts back in the first week of May so I am trying very very hard to get everthing done before then. Would be great to finish at a reasonable time for a change. I am not my normal funny and entertaining self this week! I have been wanting 20 mins to myself to make this entry in my blog and I don't have anything to say! I will do my best anyway.

I got to drive on the highway a couple of times this weekend. It gives me a little thrill actually. Wind down the window and feel the air rushing past. I need a sports car. I think I would kill my bank account and the planet because I would drive on the highway every day burning petrol.

This weekend was action packed actually. I spend the day gossiping on Saturday with my friend and then on Sunday was up super early. Darian and I went for a walk through the city, had coffee and peanut butter on toast for breakfast. We went to a Rajasthan musical festival. It was interesting and loud! There was a safa tying demonstration which was fun and the food was amazing. I ran to the train station to catch a train to the city and then out to Brunswick for a play by the Italian Comedy Players called "Il Matrimonio di "Turiddu Beddu"" which means The wedding of "Sam my Baby". My friend suggested that we go I even though I didn't understand anything they said except for maybe a quarter of it that was in English. I enjoyed it immensly. The theatrics of it was brilliant and my friend, who is from a Sicillian family was in stitches the whole way through because she says that they nailed the cultural family dynamic perfectly.

Today I was supposed to work all day but as it turns out I got up late and haven't done all that much at all. Our temporary flat mate did a trial for a new job and his personal trainer boot camp and Darian has been at work all day too so that makes me the laziest person in the house. At least I do something better than everyone else *giggles*.

I will go back to it now though because I will have a horrible day tomorrow if I don't get it together tonight.

I hope you are all well!


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