Monday, February 1, 2010

Poor Brain!

There are so many things to remember! As a wise man once said "Every time I learn something new it pushes some old stuff out of my brain" (ok not so wise, in fact I think it was Homer Simpson). I guess the trick is making sure the important stuff is held behind the landslide of information crashing through my neural pathways. I know what you are thinking... melodramatic? Well I am entitled to a little melodrama seeing as I have been working ridiculous hours in order to keep on top of all the work my new job is throwing at me. it is like learning a new language with all of their acronyms and processes. I thought the last place I worked was bad for breaking everything into 3 letters! I promised myself I would leave at 6.30pm last night but instead left at 9pm. My boss has promised me a plaque on the wall that says "Employee of the year". Nice of him *grins*.

Onto other news, I am about to be abandoned for almost 2 weeks as Darian treks back to his homeland to see family and friends. Is it wrong to be jealous that he isn't taking me with him even though I spent 2 weeks all expenses paid to Singapore? You are not supposed to answer 'yes' to that. I was working! He is going to holiday and relax and bungee jump! Well I am going to sit in my green-eyed-monster corner until he gets back. There is a throw back to my childhood when every time David got something and I didn't (followed by much screaming and gnashing of teeth from me) mum would call me a green-eyed-monster. I don't think I got it because I would always think "but I have blue eyes!?". At least I understood the monster part.

That's all I have time for today.
Love to all

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