Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Olive Juice

It is 10.30 and I am still in front of my laptop working. I am so exhausted! So I thought I would stuff around for a second (I deserve a break... seriously)

I thought that I had killed my lettuce. I am completely amazed by plants and their resilience! I bought a huge bowl from Bunnings with about 6 lettuce plants growing it it. All different types, some cos lettuce and some frilly green and purple lettuce which has a name I am sure but I don't know it. I had a couple of good salads from it so far! It has been hot here in Melbourne and I left the lettuce on the balcony thinking it would be fine (they grow outside normally anyway right?). I got home and it was like lettuce from the grocery store that you leave out by accident... for a week in the sun. All floppy and squashed looking. I brought it inside hoping that the cool air-conditioning would revive it. Maybe they grow lettuce where it is cold? Anyway that didn't work. I gave it a little water but still nothing, in fact it got sadder and started to look a bit crispy around the edges. Like our Christmas tree now a month and a bit after Christmas. That is a whole other story... all I want to say is that this long after Christmas it isn't a decoration... it is a dead tree and it is next to the television. So back to the lettuce... with nothing to loose I put it outside after work and poured a bucket of water on it. I tried to get every plant hoping to coax some life back into it's wilted leaves, by drowning it. I thought maybe in a couple of days it will be more like it was when I brought it home. No exaggeration, when I checked on it no more than 2 hours later it has almost completely come back to life. The leaves are crunchy (like lettuce should be not like dehydrated husks!) and green and strong again! I think by tomorrow I will be able to steal some leaves for dinner. I am glad because I really thought it was all over. Plant power! When I get old I am going to stand in a bucket of water for a couple of hours every night and maybe my skin will do the same thing?

Love to all... I am going back to work so I can go to sleep!

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