Friday, December 4, 2009


Here are some sights I wanted to share (Sorry but I am not a photographer so you will have to bumble along through my blurred vision... can I say also that the humidity fogs up the lens so if there are some bad ones I am gonna blame that!)
I made a wish on a giant white beach ball... hundreds of them have been put in the water at Merlion Park. I will try to get a photo of them when I go back later next week.

There are two Merlions in Merlion Park. This is the smaller one and is quite pretty.

And this one is bigger. I am going to Sentosa tomorrow and I hear that there is an even bigger one there!

This was taken from the building where I work. The taxis are blue, yellow and red so from up there they look like toy cars.

I am going to bed now because I have a big day planned tomorrow. I will be all by myself which is lame but I will take some photos anyway. May as well make the most of being in another country by myself or not.

xox Love to all!

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