Thursday, December 3, 2009


I feel so tiny in this City! My plane (ok not my plane but you know what I mean) touched down in Singapore at 6.30pm (Singapore time... in Melbourne time that is about 9.30pm). The flight was not very long and with all the people in the terminal I still didn't feel like I was in another country until I walked outside. When I stepped out of customs, a smiling Singaporean guy with a card with my name on it was waiting for me (easy done!) to take me to the hotel. He was very friendly and did his schooling in Melbourne so I found him pleasant and chatty.

The first hint that I am not in Australia any longer drove past me as I was waiting for the driver to bring the car. A ute with an open tray packed with about 15 people drove past. Try driving out of an Australian International Airport with people sitting unrestrained in the back of a ute and see how far you get. Didn't look that dangerous maybe we are being to paranoid? I guess it would be a different story if said ute hit something. The other difference worthy of note was the humidity. Darian would hate it! On a scale of 1-10, Melbourne at its worst is a 2, Brisbane is about 5, Gladstone can get to 7 but I think this place could get to 10 without blinking. If you could breath underwater I think this is what it would feel like. The air is thick. Hard to explain! I quite like it and could instantly feel my skin softening.

I checked into my hotel with very little fuss, dropped off my bag and went for a walk (to find food mostly without success). I ended up back at the hotel where I ordered food at the Mooi Chin. Yum Watermelon juice and vegetable noodles. I have to make an effort to order something that I haven't had at home (I want to be adventurous... the worst that could happen is that I don't like it and even then I have learnt not to order it again). I did have a look at the "Western Cuisine" section just to see what was there... Ox Tongue? Who really eats Ox Tongue? I am absolutely not eating that... ever.

I have been here now for 3 days. I am here for training and have been learning heaps which is good... productive anyway. I can't help being super excited being in another country. I went to see the Merlion who is far larger than I thought he would be. One of the ladies from work took me for a walk to the aqueduct where it stands over the water. Yesterday I went to Orchard Rd shopping district. I think you could walk from one end of Singapore to the other without ever leaving the shopping malls they are so expansive and interlinked. Just amazing! I wish I had more money because I would have bought so much stuff!!!

Anyway I am at work now and the girls have just arrived so I had better go and learn some more.

Love to all!


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