Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gone already

I think it is interesting the way that you prepare for Christmas, stress about what you will do for Christmas, worry about where you will be for Christmas, freak out that everyone important will be considered for Christmas and then it happens and it is over. Now all that is left is to apologise to everyone you missed on the day, clean up the glasses, wrapping paper and nut shells and hopefully get some sleep. Oh and I forgot to mention... count down for 365 days because it is going to happen again. I know it has been said by many before me but Christmas is hard work. Even for someone like me who has virtually no responsibilities to children or family (because they are so far away) and I do everything in my power to make it as easy and relaxed as possible, I still forget the vital Christmas obligations. Darian and I didn't even buy presents for each other this year because we left it to the last minuet and just didn't. Not to mention the friends and relatives I forgot to call on the day due to a little too much passion pop. Sorry by the way, poor form on my behalf but I have had a big year and to be honest Christmas caught me unaware. Normally I am much better organised! I have the cards written and the groceries and Christmas shopping bought and sent, mostly on time anyway. This year I just got back from overseas, lost the company laptop (whole other story) and am still coming to grips with my new and challenging job so I haven't had much time to do anything. Darian arranged the Christmas tree and we decorated it before Christmas day so I think all in all it was a success. For all of my complaining I really like Christmas, I turned up to work twice with a hangover and was let off the hook mostly because it is that time of the year and that is what people do. Everything is shinier, more exciting and colourful. A little melancholy because I miss my family like crazy this time of year but happy because it is nice to relax for the long weekend and think about how much we have achieved this year! It has been wild.

I am working on my new years resolutions. I wonder what next year has in store.

xox I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas

Love to all

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