Monday, December 14, 2009


I think the last time I checked in I had only been in Singapore for a couple of days so I wanted to tell you about the rest of my trip! I went to Sentosa on the first Saturday of my trip. Took the monorail out to the beach and wandered around for most of the day. First impressions: Disney World resort under construction. So much stuff going on! First of all I had a coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (I know I should have tried somewhere more exotic but I missed breakfast because I was chatting with mum and dad on Skype and by the time I got to Sentosa I needed a coffee more than I needed to breathe!!) As I was drinking my coffee I could see a man hiding in the bushes. On closer inspection it turns out he was wiring Christmas lights. Not very safe in the rain (in my humble opinion).

I ventured out to the southern most point on the Asian continent by crossing a very long rope bridge. I sat on the edge watching the boats out at sea for a while. Singapore is strange like that... even the ocean is developing... buildings on land and ships/oil rigs just off the coast. In fact a great deal of land has been reclaimed so there are buildings in the sea too. Funny concept I think: Reclaiming land from the sea, taking it back like we were just leasing it to the ocean for a while. Next stop was lunch, giant Merlion and souvenier shopping and finally cocktails on the beach with my book until it was time to traipse back to the hotel. Nice day all round I thought.

Interesting observation of vegetarian food in Sinagpore. The term is used in a very general way because it can mean that you don't eat beef but pork and chicken is ok. Or that you don't eat red meat, just white. I do not consider myself a strict vegetarian (I am not a vegan and I think they are strict) but the girls inform me that I am. I don't find it terribly difficult: if it has eyes I don't want to eat it. The other problem is that for every meat product there is a "faux" or substitute. Like tofu ham or bean curd chicken or vegetarian beef-texture. In the end I just order what looks good, check with the store person "is this vegetarian" if they nod and say yes I order it and hope for the best. Better to fuss over which bangle to buy from the markets *giggles* I know silly priorities and all that.

I saw so much in Singapore! It was a work trip so I think that makes me very lucky that I got to see so much while I was there. I will upload photos as soon as I can.

So now I am back and it is back to reality which I have decided is not really very nice at all. Pain in the a** really. Do you want to play the ratherbe game with me? I will start (you will get the hang of it really quickly: I would ratherbe at the beach drinking cocktails. Now you go... Nice work! Told you you would get the hang of it.

Reality is demanding my attention so I will leave it at that for now.

Love to all!

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