Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your goal today is:

Your goal today is to stay in the room for 90 mins. You might feel uncomfortable, dizzy or naseated but that is all completely normal.

What am I signing myself up for? Some of my girlfriends and I decided to try Bickram Yoga. The process, which just for the record involves 90 mins of yoga in a room not unlike a sauna set to 40 degrees C, is supposed to rid the body of toxins. I am not completely convinced that sweating out all the water in my body is the same as releasing toxins and to be honest, when taking into consideration all the bad stuff I put in my body, the fact that I am still alive suggests that my body is getting rid of toxins just fine without me stuffing with it. Still as an absolute test of human endurance this was a fun experience and I will absolutely do it again. I do remember staring at the roof during the program and thinking Oh sh*t how much longer? I am never doing this again! As soon as it was over and I was in the cool down room I wanted to do it again... go figure? Have to say though that all I wanted after was salt and water... maybe I lost a little too many electrolytes (Sorry I don`t actually know what an electrolyte is).

This is all in aide of my new job, new outlook, new fitness regime, which I am sure I will stick to this time. I have been to the gym even! Yeah I hope you are impressed. I discovered that the treadmill has inbuilt TV and I did a little damage to myself because I wanted to finish the episode of Neighbours that I was watching (don`t judge me!) so ran for an extra 15 mins when I am normally super lazy. After all this *health* stuff I am absolutely exahsted.

Since leaving the big T (... Thank got for That because I wont have to Take another angry customer Telephone call ever again and That makes me Terrific Thanks for asking!) and starting my new job, I have been praised for a job well done, given a new laptop (and an old one that converts to japanese characters for no apparent reason and for some reason does not appear to have a double quotation mark?), no one has said a curse word (not even cr@p!) and I haven`t wanted to cry once! I don`t know really what to do with myself because my training doesn`t start until the week after next but I am liking the job already! So far I have just been doing normal admin stuff like buying lunch for a board meeting, putting newsletters in envelopes etc. I have been told that I am not a secretary and making coffee will not be part of my normal duties but for now I don`t mind doing it. Lots of reading on company policy and anti-law-breaking guidelines. After 81 slides on compliance I am feeling a little sleepy.

Anyway that is what is new on this front.

xox Jane

Old Shoes New Job Sweat WoMD Swimming lessons TFIF!

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