Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well well well....

Look who's watching junk TV because Darian is doing his boy-sport-class or BSC for short. I am actually impressed with the sheer quantity of stuffing around that I do when I should be doing more important things. I could have 2 degrees and a severe psychological disorder by now if I didn't procrastinate!

Soaps are so dramatic and I am curled up with the cat on the couch in my simple non-dramatic life. Its nicer that way even if the cat does get in the way of my keyboard. I have been a little creative these last couple of weeks. We need art in our house so I made some paintings for the lounge room.

Next I want to make a sculpture to send home for mum. I have been promising her that I would make something out of Hebel. I will take some photos and post them as I go, unless of course it ends up being rubbish in which case its going to sleep with the fishes... if you know what I mean. I think it is bio-degradable.

Love to all!


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