Sunday, November 1, 2009


We went camping on the weekend in Sorrento. Very fun time! We went with some people from work and had fun in the sun and on the beach. Water was too cold to swim I don't care what everyone else says. Its funny because our tent was so ridiculously small compared to everyone else's but it was nice. I really enjoyed our trip, got really sun-burnt so had to go to work today looking like a lobster and super cranky that I wasn't still on holidays!

We get the day off work tomorrow which is nice. For the Melbourne Cup. Speaking of work... I handed in my resignation on Friday and am now just hanging out for my one months notice (which by the way is very annoying... how can they ask a whole month? There are 200 other people doing my job in my center I would be surprised if they even noticed if I didn't show up). I start the new job early December. Haven't exactly signed the contract yet so I am hoping that it works out Ok... *laughs* not like me at all. I will keep you posted on the developments there as they happen.

I dropped my phone in the toilet... maybe it is better if you don't ask... and am now considering buying a new phone. It did dry out but I still want a new one. I've been looking at different networks and pricing etc. working for a telecommunications company really hasn't taught me much about shopping around for deals... if anything it has taught me to stick with a good thing if you get it otherwise... well you get the idea and there is no point looking a gift horse in the mouth. Do you think that means that if someone gives you a gift horse you shouldn't inspect it for bad teeth? Sorry I digress... The point is that I haven't signed up for a new phone because that would mean staying with the same carrier for the next 2 years. Which is cool for me but it also means that Darian feels obligated to go with the same. We have the same carrier now and I think it saves us sooooo much money because we call each other virtually for free. Now I just have to wait for Darian to decide which carrier we should go with. This involves many complex and important issues. Here is one such example: Who is more likely to upgrade their HSDPA network (or mobile internet for non-geeks)? Who is less likely to act like jerks? Who will have android phones available? Who is the cheapest?

The answer to all of those questions is: "whichever" and as such makes the decision that much harder... Hopefully my toilet phone will continue working for the next 6 months or maybe more. Wish me luck *giggles*

xox Love to all!


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