Saturday, November 28, 2009

So many layers of awsome

Just a short post because I want to show you this clip Darian found which is awesome on many levels.

Love to all,


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Let me tell you a story about monotony... A web page with 50 icons. Each icon opens a window containing 3 separate files. You cannot download the files in one go and it is impossible to send the website to make the client do it themselves because it is in a restricted area. "Jane can you download every single file and put it on a disk for said client?" Yeah sure... that is 150 individual files that I need to download... I am up to 50 and it took most of today (in between all the other stuff of course. And that my friends is a story about monotony.

On lighter news I am running around like a crazy person trying to get everything together for when I go away. So excited about my trip! Which is why the story above is so frustrating... and why I should be working and not blogging!

Love to all!


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your goal today is:

Your goal today is to stay in the room for 90 mins. You might feel uncomfortable, dizzy or naseated but that is all completely normal.

What am I signing myself up for? Some of my girlfriends and I decided to try Bickram Yoga. The process, which just for the record involves 90 mins of yoga in a room not unlike a sauna set to 40 degrees C, is supposed to rid the body of toxins. I am not completely convinced that sweating out all the water in my body is the same as releasing toxins and to be honest, when taking into consideration all the bad stuff I put in my body, the fact that I am still alive suggests that my body is getting rid of toxins just fine without me stuffing with it. Still as an absolute test of human endurance this was a fun experience and I will absolutely do it again. I do remember staring at the roof during the program and thinking Oh sh*t how much longer? I am never doing this again! As soon as it was over and I was in the cool down room I wanted to do it again... go figure? Have to say though that all I wanted after was salt and water... maybe I lost a little too many electrolytes (Sorry I don`t actually know what an electrolyte is).

This is all in aide of my new job, new outlook, new fitness regime, which I am sure I will stick to this time. I have been to the gym even! Yeah I hope you are impressed. I discovered that the treadmill has inbuilt TV and I did a little damage to myself because I wanted to finish the episode of Neighbours that I was watching (don`t judge me!) so ran for an extra 15 mins when I am normally super lazy. After all this *health* stuff I am absolutely exahsted.

Since leaving the big T (... Thank got for That because I wont have to Take another angry customer Telephone call ever again and That makes me Terrific Thanks for asking!) and starting my new job, I have been praised for a job well done, given a new laptop (and an old one that converts to japanese characters for no apparent reason and for some reason does not appear to have a double quotation mark?), no one has said a curse word (not even cr@p!) and I haven`t wanted to cry once! I don`t know really what to do with myself because my training doesn`t start until the week after next but I am liking the job already! So far I have just been doing normal admin stuff like buying lunch for a board meeting, putting newsletters in envelopes etc. I have been told that I am not a secretary and making coffee will not be part of my normal duties but for now I don`t mind doing it. Lots of reading on company policy and anti-law-breaking guidelines. After 81 slides on compliance I am feeling a little sleepy.

Anyway that is what is new on this front.

xox Jane

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Friday, November 13, 2009

New job

I took my last call at 3.30pm yesterday which has made me a very very very happy girl! I truly hope that that marks the last day in a call center for me ever! My new job starts on Tuesday next week so I am looking forward to my new adventure!

Darian and I went to the Christmas parade today. We went to the same spot as last year up above the parade on the balcony of a Chinese restaurant looking over the street. We had lunch and a beer while the parade was going on beneath us. We only got back 10 mins ago and now all i want to do is have a nana nap. Have to concentrate on my assignment first then I can sleep.

I wanted to share this photo with you just for the look on the dogs face.

Wish me luck on my new adventure next week!


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Monday, November 9, 2009

Funny Simpson Quote

"He got me $60,000 and I was driving drunk in a grave yard" - Dr Nick from the Simpsons

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well well well....

Look who's watching junk TV because Darian is doing his boy-sport-class or BSC for short. I am actually impressed with the sheer quantity of stuffing around that I do when I should be doing more important things. I could have 2 degrees and a severe psychological disorder by now if I didn't procrastinate!

Soaps are so dramatic and I am curled up with the cat on the couch in my simple non-dramatic life. Its nicer that way even if the cat does get in the way of my keyboard. I have been a little creative these last couple of weeks. We need art in our house so I made some paintings for the lounge room.

Next I want to make a sculpture to send home for mum. I have been promising her that I would make something out of Hebel. I will take some photos and post them as I go, unless of course it ends up being rubbish in which case its going to sleep with the fishes... if you know what I mean. I think it is bio-degradable.

Love to all!


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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love You Tube

This is brilliant:

Nerds unite!

Love to all,


Sunday, November 1, 2009


We went camping on the weekend in Sorrento. Very fun time! We went with some people from work and had fun in the sun and on the beach. Water was too cold to swim I don't care what everyone else says. Its funny because our tent was so ridiculously small compared to everyone else's but it was nice. I really enjoyed our trip, got really sun-burnt so had to go to work today looking like a lobster and super cranky that I wasn't still on holidays!

We get the day off work tomorrow which is nice. For the Melbourne Cup. Speaking of work... I handed in my resignation on Friday and am now just hanging out for my one months notice (which by the way is very annoying... how can they ask a whole month? There are 200 other people doing my job in my center I would be surprised if they even noticed if I didn't show up). I start the new job early December. Haven't exactly signed the contract yet so I am hoping that it works out Ok... *laughs* not like me at all. I will keep you posted on the developments there as they happen.

I dropped my phone in the toilet... maybe it is better if you don't ask... and am now considering buying a new phone. It did dry out but I still want a new one. I've been looking at different networks and pricing etc. working for a telecommunications company really hasn't taught me much about shopping around for deals... if anything it has taught me to stick with a good thing if you get it otherwise... well you get the idea and there is no point looking a gift horse in the mouth. Do you think that means that if someone gives you a gift horse you shouldn't inspect it for bad teeth? Sorry I digress... The point is that I haven't signed up for a new phone because that would mean staying with the same carrier for the next 2 years. Which is cool for me but it also means that Darian feels obligated to go with the same. We have the same carrier now and I think it saves us sooooo much money because we call each other virtually for free. Now I just have to wait for Darian to decide which carrier we should go with. This involves many complex and important issues. Here is one such example: Who is more likely to upgrade their HSDPA network (or mobile internet for non-geeks)? Who is less likely to act like jerks? Who will have android phones available? Who is the cheapest?

The answer to all of those questions is: "whichever" and as such makes the decision that much harder... Hopefully my toilet phone will continue working for the next 6 months or maybe more. Wish me luck *giggles*

xox Love to all!


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