Monday, October 5, 2009

IT will be over soon!

Back at work tomorrow. I have been staring at this screen all day! So much for a day off... Still I have progressed with the assignment due this weekend (even though I was supposed to finish it today). Darian has been on the phone with his mum this evening teaching her how to use email. I bought coffee and jelly beans and have had a lovely time trying to make my table do what I want it to do with html. Stupid uni! This is my first semester studying IT properly and can I just say that the f-around factor is really high! Not that it isn't enjoyable but one semi-colon instead of a colon and the whole program doesn't run the way I want it to! I will have finished my degree hopefully in the next 2 years so the key is to keep at it! Then I will get paid to pour over lines of code seeking out the cheeky semi-colon in disguise.

My dad is in hospital at the moment. Nothing serious... well serious for him I guess. He slipped a disc (we think) so he is all pain-medicated and feeling better. No surgery or near-death experiences so he will be back to normal soon. My mum called and left a message on my answering machine. I hate the "H" word in voice-mail form... always followed with "nothing serious" or "nothing to be worried about, which is cr@p honestly. If it wasn't serious or worrying they would not be in the hospital in the first place. Still he is in good spirits and complaining that the extra night is because the machine that goes "Ping" isn't working. (Semi-abstract reference to Monty Python which you would need to see to understand and so I will provide it here).

I sent him an email with my favorite You-Tube funnies to keep him occupied. He didn't like Peanut Butter Jelly Time... I guess that isn't that surprising *laughs*.

Ok, enough fun and games I have to get back to my assignment.

Love to all!
xox Jane

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