Thursday, September 3, 2009

Miscellaneous adventures

I have been a very slack blogger over the last fortnight… sorry I mean month... so I really need to catch you all up. Here is a run down of my latest adventures:
1) three weekends ago we went to Docklands "Wonderland" - don't be fooled by the name it wasn’t really a land of wonder but there were some cool things. We paid $6 to go on a ride called "Sim--something or other--". Basically it is a booth on hydraulics and you sit in front of a big dodgy screen ("The resolution is horrible!" was Darian's contribution) You watch an image on the screen where you are in a truck and it goes up and down on the track kind of like a roller coaster but less exciting while the booth is thrown around and moves about. The door kept flying open and shutting the ride down so we got our $6 back (which was good because the sim thing wasn't as good as it looked) and went on the dodgem cars. Dodgems were fun. I chose the red one because it goes faster. Darian chose yellow because I don't think he knows the red-principle. Two Innocent looking girls took the pink ones and basically terrorised me the whole time. They looked sweet with their piggy tails and little dresses but inside they were evil geniuses who pinned me in the corner laughing maniacally. Looking back Darian was a bit of a jerk too. I spent most of the time stuck in the corners. Even the little kid on his dad's lap had a crack. Docklands is really nice but very windy. We had a good day all round!

2) two weekends ago we went for a drive to Kingslake which is where all the fires were last summer. I was very unwell due to a very big night the night before and unfortunately I was not very good company! It was amazing to see the way the trees were regenerating. I cannot believe how they are able to survive after such chaos has completely decimated the scenery. Very pretty new green shoots growing in stark contrast out of the charcoal black trunks.

3) last weekend we went to our storage unit and almost emptied it. We have put in our notice and will completely shut it down this weekend. That is a bit of cash saved but more than that it will be so much more convenient because we won't need to drive all the way to Richmond to get the odd stuff that we don't use all that often.

The reason for clearing the storage unit is that we have a new apartment that we move into in a fortnight. A bit of a relief that we have somewhere to move into now that this place is sold. So that is about it. Seems like a little sad for a whole month. It has been pretty flat out though. Looking forward to the weekend after we move so that I can have a lazy weekend,.

Love to all!


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