Thursday, September 24, 2009

Funny happenings

Funny happenings this week. As I have already mentioned, we have been to Ikea lately buying furniture. Probably the bit I left out is that we have a 2 door Ford Festiva. If you have never seen one, imagine a kids toy car with a little less boot space. So walking out of Ikea in front of everyone with a giant trolley full of flat pack coffee table, bed and bookcase to our tiny little clown car and then filling it. We were there so long that they read our licence plate out to ask us to please move our car because it is a loading zone only not a parking spot (shame!). As we pulled out practically buried by a mountain of flat packs there were people laughing and pointing. Darian points at a box in the back and says "If we stop suddenly, that box will go through my head". Sorry mum and dad, but I am dating a lunatic. All I can say is I am most impressed that we got it all home and the car in one piece and we didn't get pulled over! Tonight we just brought our mattress home (same deal stuffed in the back of the clown car... seriously we are getting at least a 4 door next time). Parked at the traffic lights a guy glances our way and then looks straight ahead. A look of puzzlement comes over his face as he is processing the information his eyes have just supplied. "No" a frown appears... then he turns to look at us with a completely baffled look that said just so much. Not even ashamed of staring at us in the tiny car with this giant marshmallow like mass filling every spare inch. Such a crack up.

Our new apartment is so cool!

And in other news. Darian had a bit of a fright at the bakery the other day. He was asking about "Moon Pies" that are being advertised. I wasn't there but this is how I imagine the conversation went:

"So... what are in these?" says Darian
"Lotus" says the girl behind the counter
"What?" says Darian
"Lotus... you understand? Lotus" she would have been very patient about this
"Oh... OH! Yeah I understand." says Darian, a penny dropping somewhere in his head.

This is the part of the story where I come in... "Jane... you won't believe what is in those Moon Pie things! You can't eat them" I guess because I am a vegetarian? So I am thinking what is he talking about? "The girl said they are made with lotus." He says with a scrunched up face.
"Umm... yeah that's not so bad, they are just flowers." At this stage I think I know where he is going but its too funny to st correct him straight away.
"No... lotus..." he slows the words down just in case I don't understand what he is trying to tell me
"No... locust..."

You tell me if you can tell the difference?

Love to all,


Locust | Lotus | Juice over soft drink | Squishy car | New bed | Sunshine

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