Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Little things

Can I just say... a horrible... and I cannot express how horrible in words but it was horrible... shower can become an amazing shower just by changing the shower head. Darian was Mr. Fix-it and changed the shower head in our new bathroom for a $25 Bunnings shower head thingy. It is glorious! We have only been in our apartment for a couple of weeks and I have to say that it was the worst shower I have ever had (keep in mind that I lived at a college with 20 other people all using the same showers often with little or no hot water and this one was still worse). Now it's luxurious and perfect. My advice... if you hate your shower but don't want to fork out on a new shower head... you are an idiot... do it because you won't regret it.

Work had an awards evening on Friday night. I wrote myself off with free bubbly and woke up yesterday wishing I was dead. Why do I do it to myself? After spending some quality time hanging over the toilet I was feeling a little more human, followed by lots of juice (for vitamins) and then a good nights sleep (on our beautiful new bed) last night has made me feel great today! I got so much done! Finished an assignment four hours before it was due. Normally they are still being submitted seconds before the cut off time. I have tomorrow off as well so I will get started on the next assignment. Nice to feel in control of things for a change. We are almost 100 percent settled in the new apartment too with only a couple of little things that we would like to get set up.

Love to all!

xox Jane

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Sunday, September 27, 2009


You are not going to believe this! We were watching SBS news and there was a clip with the Pope talking. I think the topic was something to do with the Czech Republic finding their Christian roots. Completely lost on me because the clip unfortunately features a little black spider crawling all over the Pope's white robes. I am not making this up! Check it out!

That's it from me tonight, I am supposed to be studying.
Hope you are all well!

Love to all

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Funny happenings

Funny happenings this week. As I have already mentioned, we have been to Ikea lately buying furniture. Probably the bit I left out is that we have a 2 door Ford Festiva. If you have never seen one, imagine a kids toy car with a little less boot space. So walking out of Ikea in front of everyone with a giant trolley full of flat pack coffee table, bed and bookcase to our tiny little clown car and then filling it. We were there so long that they read our licence plate out to ask us to please move our car because it is a loading zone only not a parking spot (shame!). As we pulled out practically buried by a mountain of flat packs there were people laughing and pointing. Darian points at a box in the back and says "If we stop suddenly, that box will go through my head". Sorry mum and dad, but I am dating a lunatic. All I can say is I am most impressed that we got it all home and the car in one piece and we didn't get pulled over! Tonight we just brought our mattress home (same deal stuffed in the back of the clown car... seriously we are getting at least a 4 door next time). Parked at the traffic lights a guy glances our way and then looks straight ahead. A look of puzzlement comes over his face as he is processing the information his eyes have just supplied. "No" a frown appears... then he turns to look at us with a completely baffled look that said just so much. Not even ashamed of staring at us in the tiny car with this giant marshmallow like mass filling every spare inch. Such a crack up.

Our new apartment is so cool!

And in other news. Darian had a bit of a fright at the bakery the other day. He was asking about "Moon Pies" that are being advertised. I wasn't there but this is how I imagine the conversation went:

"So... what are in these?" says Darian
"Lotus" says the girl behind the counter
"What?" says Darian
"Lotus... you understand? Lotus" she would have been very patient about this
"Oh... OH! Yeah I understand." says Darian, a penny dropping somewhere in his head.

This is the part of the story where I come in... "Jane... you won't believe what is in those Moon Pie things! You can't eat them" I guess because I am a vegetarian? So I am thinking what is he talking about? "The girl said they are made with lotus." He says with a scrunched up face.
"Umm... yeah that's not so bad, they are just flowers." At this stage I think I know where he is going but its too funny to st correct him straight away.
"No... lotus..." he slows the words down just in case I don't understand what he is trying to tell me
"No... locust..."

You tell me if you can tell the difference?

Love to all,


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finally relaxing!

Today has been a day of unpacking and reflection. Plus a bit of study thrown in there for good measure. My days soundtrack started with "In the night garden" the trippiest little kids show ever that I love because it is adorable and kind of spun actually. For the rest of the day it has been the "Little Big Planet" sound track. Really easy to listen too! Especially this one: "Volver a Comenzar - Cafe Tacuba" Can't understand a word they are saying but it is a really cool song!

I have been reading a little about html and css style sheets for uni and have found that it is quite easy to follow (which is good!). I came across this page while researching css style sheets and wanted to share it because it made me giggle: A List for those of you who can't be bothered going to the website it says:

"Something has gone horribly wrong

Sorry, partner. The page you requested is not in our database. You may have followed a bad external link, or mis-typed a URL. Or you may have encountered one of the dead ends our system throws up like drowned cats.

Kindly do not contact us about these frustrating dead-ends. We know them by name and by heart, and we have wept hot tears over them in long watches of the night. These errors will end when we launch the new CMS.

For now, you may want to load our home page or visit the articles department to consider the many fine works we have stored for your pleasure.

It’s scarcely the best place to mention this, but...

A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices. Explore our articles or find out more about us."

*giggles* nerd humour!

And in other news, we are officially in our new apartment. I had to take the day off work so that the maintenance people could come and fix the carpet and holes in the wall - makes me sound like I am in a slum but I think it is more representative of how strict the real estate are! Telstra came to connect the phone too so I will have internet tomorrow! The apartment is absolutely perfect! The sun has been shining in all day through the big glass windows. The cats have been hanging out in the sun and the fish are... well the fish are fish and don't seem to be that interested in anything outside their glass world. I am moderately happy to report that we only had one casualty during the move - he was a Borneo catfish - unfortunately the water is a little too alkaline and he got a bit of a shock. Actually I guess from his point of view it was more dramatic than a bit of a shock but the others seemed to cope OK. We went semi-crazy at Ikea on the weekend and came back with a bookcase, coffee table and finally a bed. Yes! We are off the couch! Not yet because they had sold out of the mid-beam and we don't technically have a mattress yet but definitely in the right direction.

I wanted to share my quote of the week:

"Coffee [is] only a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your slightly older self" - Terry Pratchet

Does he know that he has the most twisted mind in the world? I have been reading heaps of disc world and I think Darian is getting sick of hearing about the ins and outs of Ankh-Morpork.

P.S. if there is anyone in the QV building with the same isp and modem as me will you please change your password because it is the same as mine and is confusing my computer. *laughs*

xox Love to All!


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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Miscellaneous adventures

I have been a very slack blogger over the last fortnight… sorry I mean month... so I really need to catch you all up. Here is a run down of my latest adventures:
1) three weekends ago we went to Docklands "Wonderland" - don't be fooled by the name it wasn’t really a land of wonder but there were some cool things. We paid $6 to go on a ride called "Sim--something or other--". Basically it is a booth on hydraulics and you sit in front of a big dodgy screen ("The resolution is horrible!" was Darian's contribution) You watch an image on the screen where you are in a truck and it goes up and down on the track kind of like a roller coaster but less exciting while the booth is thrown around and moves about. The door kept flying open and shutting the ride down so we got our $6 back (which was good because the sim thing wasn't as good as it looked) and went on the dodgem cars. Dodgems were fun. I chose the red one because it goes faster. Darian chose yellow because I don't think he knows the red-principle. Two Innocent looking girls took the pink ones and basically terrorised me the whole time. They looked sweet with their piggy tails and little dresses but inside they were evil geniuses who pinned me in the corner laughing maniacally. Looking back Darian was a bit of a jerk too. I spent most of the time stuck in the corners. Even the little kid on his dad's lap had a crack. Docklands is really nice but very windy. We had a good day all round!

2) two weekends ago we went for a drive to Kingslake which is where all the fires were last summer. I was very unwell due to a very big night the night before and unfortunately I was not very good company! It was amazing to see the way the trees were regenerating. I cannot believe how they are able to survive after such chaos has completely decimated the scenery. Very pretty new green shoots growing in stark contrast out of the charcoal black trunks.

3) last weekend we went to our storage unit and almost emptied it. We have put in our notice and will completely shut it down this weekend. That is a bit of cash saved but more than that it will be so much more convenient because we won't need to drive all the way to Richmond to get the odd stuff that we don't use all that often.

The reason for clearing the storage unit is that we have a new apartment that we move into in a fortnight. A bit of a relief that we have somewhere to move into now that this place is sold. So that is about it. Seems like a little sad for a whole month. It has been pretty flat out though. Looking forward to the weekend after we move so that I can have a lazy weekend,.

Love to all!


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