Thursday, July 30, 2009

Work rambling

I have been venting a little at work... here are my stories *laughs* (I have been watching a lot of Law and Order lately)

July 27th:
I went for lunch in the shopping centre next to my building today. Yummy sushi!
I love the blue-tooth-phenomenon. A guy is leaning towards a table and unfortunately his lunch was in a shape and colour remarkably similar to a hamster standing on his back legs. Not only is his lunch a hamster but he is having a really animated conversation with it. From where I was standing I swear it was a Dr Doolittle moment come to life. As I got closer the hamster morphed back into lunch where it should have been to start with and the guy was not crazy (despite first impressions) but talking to his blue tooth. I guess I felt a little let down. Why can't I meet someone who can talk to animals? I would settle for someone who can talk to lunch, honestly.
Ah ha… it is almost 5.30pm. That means that I am going home in half an hour YAY!

July 28th:
I rode my bike to work today - is 'rode' a word? Try it this way --> I came to work today on my bicycle… Better? Sorry, I digress... I have a really nice run into work, along the bike track on the Yarra river all the way so no scary cars or trucks. Serenity! *laughs* hard work though because of the hills. B@rstards stole the milk so I had to go hunt for some on the other floors and now I don't have time to drink my coffee. I think I will go and buy a proper one on my break. In the meantime my customers are annoying me today. I am so close to just hanging up and marching down to buy a pack of cigarettes. I will smoke every one of them until I am too sick to come back. I am going to buy food for lunch because I deserve it. No protein shake for me!
Ok I have had half an hour break now and I have to say I feel a lot better. I can't wait till home time! There is a movie called Clock Watchers. I remember hiring it from the video store (back when they were still videos) with my friend because it looked interesting. It wasn't. I don't really know what the story line was… or even if there was a story line. All I remember is it is about office workers who spend the whole day watching the clock, waiting for 5 o'clock so that they can go home. I don't think we ever finished the movie because it was so boring. There was a mildly amusing clerk with a giant ball of rubber bands and I think that he was the highlight of the film. How depressing… Realism at the expense of cinema where this film was concerned. Sorry if anyone reading this liked the movie… it was rubbish and I think you are nuts but each to his own... Right? The point is that I never wanted that for my own life and now I am that boring!!!! Sucks. I have put blue tack over the little clock in the bottom of my screen so that I can't see it.

July 29th:

Bored..... bored.... soooooooo bored

July 30th:

Bored.... Still bored.... Mum reminded me that I am getting paid to be bored and as such I will make an effort for the last 20 mins.
Wooohooo I got a complainer.... they make time fly! Going home now :) Darian and I are going out for dinner.

July 31st:

All I have to say is: RDO's are the best days ever especially when they are given on a Friday! Wooooooot! 3 day weekend :)

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