Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Don't Wear Fur

It is rare for something online to shock me as much as this website has. I read a lot of terrible stories and I have a borderline sick fascination with clicking on links that say "Do not click here unless you have a strong stomach". I think I have a strong stomach but this reduced me to tears! I cannot believe how cruel human beings can be! Please do not click on the link if you are at all squeamish. I mean that seriously because it is horrific, in fact don't click if you have a soul. The true message is DON'T WEAR FUR! There are plenty of fabrics which look better and don't cause any pain at all. I take that back... the real message is: Don't be a jerk. How does someone justify this to themselves, its not wearing fur that is the problem but people like that who are completely indifferent to the suffering of these creatures.

I am sorry to bring this sort of negativity to my page but I don't know what else to do. There has to be a way to stop this from happening! With only 10 minuets of research I have found an absolute bucket load of information on this issue. This one mirrors my opinion on the matter very closely.

Before today, I didn't know what a Raccoon Dog was but now I am going to make it my life mission to rescue one! I mean look at these things!

Please Darian? Can I please have a raccoon dog?

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