Saturday, July 4, 2009

The art exhibition

Good afternoon!

It's only 4:30 but feels a lot later. It is cold in here so I have had to drink my coffee at break neck speed in order to prevent it from going cold. I have only had marginal success.

We went to see Dali on Saturday! It was phenomenal! I really enjoyed the exhibition. There were a few paintings that I have seen online and in books. It was weird that they were so close I could have touched them if the security guards weren't standing right there. We had to que for most paintings because there were so many people but it meant that we had time to listen to the audio tour. Very interesting character! I think that was the point but I can appreciate what he was trying to do.

Please check this out, it is called Destino and it is a collaboration of Dali and Walt Disney. It wasn't completed until recently but it is so beautiful! I am looking to buy it but as yet can't find it so if anyone has any ideas leave me a comment?

How funny, I think I am going to be a surrealist now! Same thing happened when I saw Warhol, I was dead set going to be a Pop Artist. Oh and there is an ice skating rink in our local shopping centre at the moment. I know what you are thinking: I know it's cold in Melbourne but it isn't that cold... So I took a photo to prove it!

Told you so!

I feel a little silly right now. There is an add for cranberry juice on TV. There are two people standing in a river with heaps of cranberries floating on the water. I keep watching it thinking "Why are they in the water?" I thought maybe it was just being cute or interesting or maybe even ironic. It isn't! Apparently this is how you harvest cranberries! I didn't even know. I have added this You-Tube video to show you what I mean but I have only seen the first two or three seconds so don't feel obligated to see the whole thing:

Ok guys, That's enough for now!

Have a great night, I hope you all had a brilliant weekend.

xox Love to all!

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  1. hahaha, i love it, as i also wondered about the whole cranberry thing.


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