Saturday, July 18, 2009


“Are you sure we have the right place?” I looked at the printed receipt in my hand. “Yes, I think so, it says Trades Hall doesn't it? This is Trades Hall” Darian frowned and pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket. After a brief conversation to the event organisers we were directed back the way we had come staring at the big front doors of the Trades Hall. Upon closer inspection a door tucked away behind some large pillars lead us up a few flights of stairs and into a room with high ceilings and a small stage. Rows of chairs were set up in front of the stage and around 20 or 30 people were wandering around finding themselves seats. I saw the bar out of the corner of my eye and headed towards it. Darian caught my arm and steered me towards the chairs. “Do you want to sit at the front?”
'What I really want is a drink' I thought but decided to focus instead on finding a seat, plenty of time for booze later... “I don't really mind where we sit” After a bit of back and forth about where to sit, I found myself staring at the little stage in the very front row waiting for Darian to bring the drinks (see? Worked out for the best in the end).
As I mentioned I was staring at the stage, not really knowing what to expect, the tickets were cheap and it was a last minuet decision by Darian so we basically just rocked up. People behind me were saying “It is supposed to be the best rock band in the whole world...”. 'Is it?' I thought staring at the drum with the pink dots all over it. Staring at the stage there was something not quite right. Darian arrived with two glasses of white wine for me and two beers for him “The bar closes when the concert starts”. We looked around the room at all the people... arty people, probably vegans, lots of scarves, berets and boys with long hair. So far there wasn't much to indicate a rock concert. Never make assumptions, but the hall didn't look like it could support a rock concert anyway. Darian pointed out the tiny guitars propped up against the back wall and suddenly it became clear exactly what was strange about the stage. The drum kit was about half size and the guitars were made for kids (training guitars). Are they serious? Darian had mentioned that it might be a comedy but at this stage the door was wide open, it could be anything.

I hope I set the scene well enough. The name of the band is: "Die Roten Punkte" and they were hillarious. Darian got in trouble from Astrid (the female singer/drummer) for checking his phone (so sitting in the front row maybe not the best decision after all) which was funny. Overall great night. I would definately recommend if they are in your area to check them out.

Other than that, not a lot going on at all. I hope everyone out in blog land is going along ok!

xox Love Jane

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