Friday, June 26, 2009

Feeling Sooky

What is it about cold weather that makes me so pathetic? Normally I am a big fan of Saturdays but not today. I went out for some drinks last night and instead of being hung over like I normally am... ie. headache, queasy stomach, general fragility... I am emotionally hung over. Not at all normal for me! I am sitting on the ground because I can't get comfortable on the couch with my blanket listening to Korn, NIN and Iron Maiden because I am in a less than sparkling mood. I don't even like Iron Maiden that much. I am happy that I don't feel sick, maybe because of the midnight Subway sandwich on the way home and the bottle of water I forced myself to drink before I went to sleep but this emotional hang over is doing my head in. Like I mentioned I am listening to my cranky music and I am also trying to study. *laughs*

Wow I am in a really foul mood today... apologies in advance but I have been staring at this screen for a while now and every time I think of something nice to say I can't put it into words. Poor Darian... bet he is really looking forward to coming home to this. Ok in an effort to bring myself out of this I am going to listen to Barbie Girl on repeat until I am happy again. That will work. If not I think I will buy a ticket to Queensland so that I can sit in the sun that I miss so much on a beach with sand and sunscreen and salty water. That will definitely make me feel better!

If you haven't seen this before, I recommend you check it out, it definitely caught my attention.

It's funny and horrible at the same time that those people are messing with them with the umbrella.

RIP MJ| Drinking with new friends| Cold weather, warm snuggie| Subway with heaps of olives| Single weed| Tribute

Love to all!
- Jane

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