Monday, June 29, 2009

Morning rush rush !

I am on the train this morning on my way to work. I just read some notes my friends left me on Facebook. I hear that in Brisbane you have access to the internet on the train. It will be sweet when Melbourne has the same thing. In the mean time, I cannot reply to my friends. A lady was asleep in front of me. She just woke up and got off the train. How do people do that? What if she had missed her stop? I guess she would get off and go back the way she came. Still she seemed quite calm so it was almost as if she woke up at her stop, on que!

So I finished my book last night at Starbucks. I feel a little despondent today. Not that I wouldn't like to be blogging but normally I would read to work. It has taken me the better part of 2 years to read this series and now it's gone, I don't know why but I feel a little empty.

I still have heaps to do though like change trains because they reset at Flinders and then do whatever they like despite the name of the town they firstly claimed to take you too. Frustrating! Even though I was in a hurry I still felt that I needed to stand behind the lady with the big bags just incase she fell down the escelators (as if I am the person capeable of
catching her?). In hindsight I should have shown her where the lifts were. I did some snooping though and it looks like she is from Sweden judging by the foreign can of drink poking out the top of her bag.

Which should I take? the Frankston or Packenham? They both go past my stop but Packenham
is due to come sooner. Damn it, wrong choice I should have taken the Frankston. Instead I got to see it leave with barely a passenger while I squish into my train with a whole heap of people who have been waiting for the overdue train. Almost at work, that is all that matters. Looks like I will be on time today too!

Train|iinet dude|swedish lady|MX|my station!|Work :(

xox Love to all!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where were you?

I heard someone say that this is one of those events that you will remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard for the rest of your life. Like 911 or when Steve Irwin or Heath Ledger passed away. I have been looking for something worthy of note because I feel that this event should not go by un-marked in some way. I am a child of the 80's so I have listened to Michael Jackson since I was small. The first album I saved up for and bought was Dangerous and the first song I can remember dancing too was Billy Jean. I found this You-Tube video and it made me smile. I hope it does for you too:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Feeling Sooky

What is it about cold weather that makes me so pathetic? Normally I am a big fan of Saturdays but not today. I went out for some drinks last night and instead of being hung over like I normally am... ie. headache, queasy stomach, general fragility... I am emotionally hung over. Not at all normal for me! I am sitting on the ground because I can't get comfortable on the couch with my blanket listening to Korn, NIN and Iron Maiden because I am in a less than sparkling mood. I don't even like Iron Maiden that much. I am happy that I don't feel sick, maybe because of the midnight Subway sandwich on the way home and the bottle of water I forced myself to drink before I went to sleep but this emotional hang over is doing my head in. Like I mentioned I am listening to my cranky music and I am also trying to study. *laughs*

Wow I am in a really foul mood today... apologies in advance but I have been staring at this screen for a while now and every time I think of something nice to say I can't put it into words. Poor Darian... bet he is really looking forward to coming home to this. Ok in an effort to bring myself out of this I am going to listen to Barbie Girl on repeat until I am happy again. That will work. If not I think I will buy a ticket to Queensland so that I can sit in the sun that I miss so much on a beach with sand and sunscreen and salty water. That will definitely make me feel better!

If you haven't seen this before, I recommend you check it out, it definitely caught my attention.

It's funny and horrible at the same time that those people are messing with them with the umbrella.

RIP MJ| Drinking with new friends| Cold weather, warm snuggie| Subway with heaps of olives| Single weed| Tribute

Love to all!
- Jane

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ha ha the phones are down

This is pretty rediculous. I am blogging on paper - when I originally wrote this post anyway, now I am typing it up.
My job is so inconvenient not being able to blog at work! When else do people blog? Spare time? No way, I have heaps of other things to do in my spare time. Next time I am typing this into an email and I will send it to myself at home. Cut and paste silly! Call centers are so strickt with my time. The only reason I had time for this in the first place is because the phones went down for almost an hour and a half. No complaints here except that I had no internet access, just a blank screen in my little cubicle.

Latest developments for me lately:

Dad was here a couple of nights ago. We had dinner on Lygon St. Yum Pizza and Pasta! Our bed sprung a leak as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, so we have been on the couch. I tried to repair it with a tyre repair kit but haven't managed to do this successfully just yet. So this meant that the only place we could put dad was the couch (not the slowly deflating air bed obviously). So where were we? Yep you guessed it... the slowly deflating air bed. As usual, by about midnight, the air bed had leaked so much that Darian and I are squished in the middle with big billowy pillows of loose air bed over us. Imagine a jumping castle collapsing on you, and not in a fun way! No fairy bread at this party that is for sure. Instead of doing what I would have done... pump the thing up again for another 2 hours of comfort... Darian decided that letting all of the air out was the best course of action *laughs* Ok so I think it is funny now but at the time not so much. This is honestly the worst way of dealing with an air bed... EVER... We slept on the hard ground with lumpy flat air-mattress under us. Darian is hereby banned from making sleep based decisions until further notice.

Looks like we will be on the couch for a couple more months yet. It looks like our apartment has been sold. Damn! I hate renting with absolute passion! We have 2 months or something to find another place and I am not ready to leave. Can't buy a bed for the next 2 months, otherwise we will have to move it to the next place. As if we need more stuff to move. I wonder how I am going to move the fish tank intact? I am going to buy a trolly with wheels. Ok problem solved. I will get onto that asap!

Ok guys I want to finish with something I saw on twitter today. One of the tweets I follow has an interesting layout. It is made up of 6 or so things that made up their day or the time since their last tweet. So here is mine:

Dad Visit| Cranky sleep on floor| Good sales at work| Hunny was funny| Giant coffee while blogging| Potential new career

Love to you all!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Creature of the week

I am watching David Attenborough's Life of Mammals. High Def is so cool! I can see the individual hairs on the monkeys face! The most amazing creature I have ever seen was climbing a tree and I had to get more information on it. It is a Pygmy Marmoset, the smallest monkey apparently.

I know! Cute right?

Stupid Melbourne weather, it is so cold at the moment. Lucky me, Darian is bringing dinner home so I don't have to go outside today. He is such a good man! It is his fault that I am cold though seeing as he is the one who wanted to move here.

On the topic of Melbourne, I have been to a few more places which have made a good impression on me lately. I went to a place called Miss Libertine on Friday for pizza and beer. Cool place but the clientele are so interesting! Three girls in hoodies, introduce themselves to a group of guys sitting close to where we were. "Hi. I'm Fi, this is Bludge and she is Bogan". *laughs* Enough said? There were hoodies everywhere! I don't even hava a good analogy to describe it but you know you are in another world when even the girls are wearing a hoodie and are proud of the nickname 'Bludge'.

So hungry right now! I think the cold weather makes me piggy! Can't wait for Darian to get home with dinner. In the mean time I am going to get back to my studies.

Love to all!

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