Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun Friends and Fashion

I don't really know what to say today but it has been so long since I updated that I feel compelled to say something. I used to blog at work but now I don't have access to the internet so I just haven't had the time or motivation to blog after work.

Winter is starting to settle into Melbourne. You can tell because my anti social cat who cannot stand to be near me during any normal season is now sucking up to me and sitting on my lap because it is warm. Our apartment is good but it is still kind of cold in the mornings. Speaking of which our bed sprung a leak (again) last night so we had to sleep on the couch. I love our couch, it is cushy and classy and has a stretch out bed. *laughs* I just re-read the last couple of sentences. I made it sound like our normal bed is a water bed. Sorry for the confusion, we have an air bed... it was about $60 and I love it so much we just haven't got a real bed and I am waiting until it is completely un-serviceable before I will be willing to give it up. Shouldn't be too far away, those things are not made for extended use!

I have a new laptop. It is a mini netbook thingy. I am so happy with it but all it has done so far is download microeconomics lectures. Poor thing must think I am terribly boring. I guess I have been! Well that's not entirely true. My Melbourne friends and I have spent a lot of time drinking and eating lately. Poor Darian has been home as I stumble in the door four weekends in a row (and one week day). Yeah so much for being all grown up *laughs*. It is just for the moment while I have a new group at work. As soon as training is over, we will have different shifts and probably won't go out every weekend. Here is hoping anyway because my poor body cannot continue at this pace. Not to mention the boozalaries (that is calories from booze which are worse than those from food due to the complete lack of nutritional value).

While on the topic of going out and having fun in Melbourne. I went to an Ethiopian restaurant with my Glamour Melbourne Friend (who as of this moment is called Gmf for the sake of her anonymity). She has the best places to go for eating (and drinking for that matter). I haven't had Ethiopian food before. If you are inappropriate like me you will know what I thought when she first made the suggestion (if not then you don't want to know... trust me!). Still despite expectations it was amazing. I was so full when I walked out of that place! (*giggles* see there is a hint!)

Guys I hate to love and leave you all but I am going to get back to it.
xox Catch you all soon!


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