Friday, May 29, 2009

Cube Project

I am really cranky with my html skills at the moment. I need to do some work on trying to get my Cube Project photos in a slide show of their own. Instead I keep sending them to my "Random Photo's" window. At least you can see them there though.

I am just uploading the photos to another program so I will see if that works. It's a bit scary how many times I have "Signed Up" in my life. "Sign up now for FREE! It's easy... just follow these three easy steps!" *laughs* reminds me of Danos Direct (it has been so long since I watched late night TV I don't even know if it is still Danos Direct! Surely it is, hadn't changed for 10 years since I watched it last so I think I am safe). "Just 3 easy payments of $99.99. Call in the next ten minuets and we will give you one of these completely useless gifts for FREE!"

I act high and mighty but if I had my own credit card when I first moved out of home I would have 2 complete sets of knives which cut through boots. Not that I would have been able to afford the boots in order to put the claim to the test. I wonder if that is what they were counting on?

I had the day off today. Lucky because I have an exam on Wednesday next week and I needed to brush up on what I am going to be tested on. I played Viva Pinata and watched TV instead but I definitely intended to do something constructive today. *laughs* That isn't entirely true, I got through all of the slides. I think I will be ok for the exam... a little worried about remembering formulas. I will see how I go. So far this semester I have blindly meandered through this subject. I don't think I understood any of the concepts so far (dodgy I know)! But I am sitting on a very average C at the moment so as long as I don't bomb out in the exam I won't have to do the subject again. (Even if I do I am tempted to write to the uni and request special consideration seeing as my brain is threatening to walk out on me if it sees another demand or supply curve... Seriously!)

I think I am beginning to develop a drinking problem! The problem is: small body, large number of friends and family as well as social obligation to have "just a couple of drinks" with them when they come to visit (or when I finish work, have spare time or have a weekend). The result? Semi-alcoholism. Darian's sister is here this evening and my cousin was here a couple of days ago both of which are perfectly reasonable excuses to have a "couple" of drinks. Add to that the fact that I had a new team to crack into (which means drinks after work), my Melbourne friends require friend maintenance (ie. dinner and coffee etc.) and then there are the little victories that come with being alive such as finishing an assignment, finishing training, my first day on the phones, my first weekend after being on the phones, almost finishing an assignment (study break). As you can see, the list could go on forever and for the last two months it has! I sound like I am complaining, I am not really. I am just glad that since I moved here to Melbourne I have found a really good circle of people. Still there is a little pang of homesickness. Lucky I am going drinking tonight! (just joking!)

Ok there appears to be a situation with my upload so I will maybe have to do this another night. In the meantime the 'Cube Project' photos are flicking through the slide show on the right so feel free to have a look if you are interested. I will have to put up a background story for it when it has it's own slide show.

xox Love to all

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