Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coffee shop ramblings

I am sitting at a coffee shop at the moment waiting while Darian gets his hair cut. I am so glad I don't have to worry about my hair growing too long... not growing fast enough maybe but certainly not too long. They are playing Empire of the Sun which I like for no other reason other than that it is so chilled out and pleasant. I think I will buy the album *laughs* it can replace my Moby CD which is... I think ... from 1999!

My GMF (that is Glamour Melbourne Friend) and I went for dinner at another girlfriend's place. Frozen pizza is great! I think it is my turn to host dinner but I really enjoyed it! How funny are four girls with two bottles of red wine? (Sorry about the grammar there, in order to understand why that is a rediculous question I will allow Adam Hills to explain p.s. he should have won the Logie *giggles*)

I am working on a photographic project called "The Cube Project". It has been fun so far but unfortunately I don't bring my proper camera with me everywhere so alot of the photos are shitty resolution of my phone camera. Still, I hope to release the first photos soon :)

What else have I been up to?? Oooh right I completely forgot... I have been taking phone calls by myself! After 6 weeks of training I am now on call centre floor answering billing enquiries and trying to sell phone plans and handsets and stuff. It has been ok so far although I did have someone hang up on me because he was so disgusted with my complete and total incompetence *laughs*. I did better on the next call though. It is all part of the process right?

My laptop batteries are almost dry so I will bid you all adue (I know I made up a word)

xox Love to all!

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  1. In a fashion that is typical of me, I'm a thousand years behind commenting on your blog! I've been trying to make my rounds and get caught up, but other people's postings keep overriding posts and I'm back at ground zero so I'm going alphabetically! I'm at J - Surprise! ;) I see you're using Twitter. I've gone on to follow you as @butterflysong. My updates are private so that idiots can't get in. Perhaps I'm protecting others from my idiotic ramblings as well! If you'd like to add me, just click on the padlock thingee I believe and I shall let you in! :)

    Have a great day!!


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