Sunday, April 12, 2009


So, yet again I have left it a long time between blogs! I know it is bad but I have been busy! The new job is Ok. I have a month of training left and then I will be on the phones! I am a little terrified to tell the truth (I always am when i am not confident). My team is nice though and it is interesting enough so I don't mind going in to work every day. That is a brilliant start! Lucky to have a job at the moment of course *laughs*. 

Speaking of brilliant! I want to share the cutest social experiment I think I have ever seen! A NYU Student has created an experiment where she makes a little robot and leaves it by itself in a New York park. The robot has a little flag with the words "Help me" and its destination written on it. He can only move forward so he is reliant on nice people in the park to help him. Check it out here! I wonder if there is something Freudian behind me instantly believing that a robot which can only move in one direction is male? In Spanish it is common for words to be either male or female without actually having human sex organs to differentiate. 'Robot' is a masculine word. I think so anyway! 

My Melbourne friend and I have been exploring Melbourne a bit lately. We have been to some really nice restaurants. There is a bar in an alley way that looks like it used to be a parking lot. They have parked a van which doubles as a bar, then fenced the area off with wire fencing and a metal roof. The seats are crates and the whole effect is grungy and ad-hock but the effort put into the spray art on the walls as well as the lighting and other bits and pieces gives away the amount of time and planning that must have gone into the place. It is really funky. Darian took me there for drinks and my friend and I went there again this weekend. That is a pretty big deal in my world at the moment. Living here, it is difficult to go to the same place twice. It has to make a good impression to make me go back because there is just so much to choose from! We went for a drive out of the city today towards Frankston. There was a really cool cafe by the beach and we had coffee and breakfast there. The sun was absolutely gorgeous! I can feel the chill coming back to mornings but days still feel summery. I want to take Darian back tomorrow. I can feel the sun recharging me after being lazy and useless for so long! Maybe that is my problem! I am not human at all but a giant solar cell. I just need sun to function and you don't get much of that when you spend all day inside! Either way, I am looking forward to the day at the beach! I hope it doesn't rain now I have said that! 

 I am going to go back to studying now because I haven't done anywhere near what I had wanted to achieve this weekend (as work would say: "You should have written down your goals!"). I also might go to sleep! I hope you have all had a great Easter weekend!

xox Love to all


Thursday, April 2, 2009

LLama llama llama!!!!

Sorry about the short message today but I just wanted to share this
xox Love to all

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