Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ok, check out my lunch!

Appetising? Coffee, vitamin dissolve drink thing and low-fat, low-carb, low-taste shake. 

Damn all the cheese and junk I have been eating since Christmas! Between that and unemployment, my ass has become larger and more rotund not to mention the imprint it has made on the couch! I have been playing Viva Pinata around the clock and watching so much day time tv that I can't believe that there is nothing trashier than Antiques Road Show on at the moment. Rude! Bring back the trash! I missed Bold and Beautiful because I left the house (for only half an hour) to pick up some milk. *laughs* Damn caffiene habbit and I miss the trashiest show of the day. Obviously I needed the fresh air! 

Our shopping centre had a group of caravans parked in the outside courtyard. Now that sounds like adventure! I know that it is terribly uncool and Darian would be 100% uninterested. I think it would be fun! Quit my job, sell everything and buy a caravan and start driving. No money for fuel? No problem... just do a couple of nights as a bar attendant, fruit picker? There are hundreds of towns here in Oz to stop in and check out. Heaps of beaches to play on! It really would be nice. I wonder what it would be like to have no responsibilities! *laughs* I also wonder whether the cats would appreciate it as much as I would? They have been quite good with the two moves they have been subjected to so far. We are trying to find harnesses so we can take the cats outside every now and then, to remind them what grass is like. The vet says we can't take them to normal pet parks because a dog might attack them. 

I hate being broke, not working sucks! I have been thinking about get rich quick schemes. Stupid work online advertising/data entry websites are an absolute raught. Yep thats right you heard it here first. Before you spend the $50 to be sent the earn money online secrets... the secret is that the only data entry you are supposed to do is advertising on online auction sites to random people in the hopes that they too will spend $50 to be told to do the same thing and the company will flick you about a cent for your effort. I wonder how many people actually do this? Besides me that is *laughs* Why is nothing free? I am even sceptical at the moment about conventional work. I hate the superannuation set up in this country. I am sure during my interview that they told me that the figure they gave me was excluding superannuation. Now they tell me it is including superannuation. Don't get me wrong I know it isn't much to gripe about (only $3000 or so) but it annoys me. I am sure this has happened to me before. They do it on purpose! I can't think of a good reason other than to break your spirits before you even start! What can I do to combat the problem? Get them to write it down during the interview? They have you bent over a barrell with the damn "economic crisis". I shouldn't complain, I am lucky to even have found someone willing to hire me at this point. They even gave me homework to do before my first day! Just like going back to school damn it! Stuff it, I am going to make them wish that they didn't offer uncapped commissions! 

I remember reading in the "Tell your deepest secret" section in a gossip magazine. Normally it is a mixture of stories about women who sleep with other women's husbands or their partners brothers etc. But one of them was about a woman who wrote dirty stories for a mens magazine (here I was thinking they were written by men! I guess I am still not convinced). She says she was making $500 per story! Can you believe that? I want to do that! Porn actors probably don't even make that much per film! 

And on that note, I will leave my rant at that!
Love to all!



  1. HAHA.. guess who!! glad ur blogging again! we miss you @ work!! glad u got a new job!!! =] take care n catch up soon!

  2. Hmmm porn writing hey? I wonder if Australian magazines would pay this much?

  3. Hi Amanda, I don't know but it sounds way too good to be true if you ask me!
    Thank you 'anonymous' what a relief I am employed :) I am pretty sure I do know who you are and I appreciate the thought!


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