Sunday, February 8, 2009

Looking for work.... Again!

I always feel a little rude writing a post when I have nothing to say. I do of course have things to say but I want to be profound, insightful or at the least interesting. Still I find it theraputic trying to find a point by starting and seeing where my brain steers me. 

Oh great start.... Mind blank.... 

Still nothing? Ok well I am going for coffee and will be back. Should give me some time to think about it.

Almost had the whole cup of coffee and still nothing... joking it's ok I have something to talk about!

I am job searching again! I know I was doing this a couple of months ago right? Well it was only a contract so I only have 3 months here. Sad because I like it here and also because I am terrified that it is going to be hard to get another position. At the end of the day I don't think I am too good to washing dishes (in fact the overtime would be good!) so I am sure that if things don't go the way I want I will be able to find something. My problem is that now I need to decide which fields I need to put my energy into. I have a couple of roles I am looking at (and yes at this stage I am still pretending that I have that choice to make):

1) Entry level IT - Help Desk or 1st level support
-Probably will need this kind of work in order to work up the ranks in the IT world. 
-Potential to earn extra money in overtime (Darian's influence)
-I like talking to people so I think it might be kind of fun!
-It might not be fun - Angry people with computer problems yelling etc.
-Not much money for normal time so overtime will be necessary 

2) Call Centre 
-Not that hard to find (one would think?)
-No real committment because it is casual work so I can leave if I find something better 
-No real brain activity required just follow the script
-Possible overtime for extra money
-Not a career move - AT ALL - more like a career plumet
-Possibly no overtime and terrible hours
-Could involve sales *shudders* just the thought makes me queasy
-Money = bad 

3) Administration
-Normal hours, normal pay, normal expectations (does that sound exciting or what?)
-Good shot due to experience so not a waste of time applying
-Boring... potentially anyway depending on where/what and who etc.
-Not at all career moving

4) CEO
-Well I don't even know if I have to go through it... Good money, good hours etc
-Did I mention that the money would be fantastic? (deserves two mentions anyway)
-You need experience and umm perhaps (dare I say it) a pen... no not true that bit shoud be ok but I really should have had some sort of managerial experience or at the very least I would need a degree of some description.

Oh well... not very usefull. I guess I will just apply for everything and keep my fingers crossed!

xox Love to All!

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  1. Just watch out for your CEO contract - I hear those performance bonuses are kickers.


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