Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brown Pigeon

The brown pigeon is stalking me! (I am sorry to deviate but pigeon is such a ridiculous word! The more I say it the less sense it makes.) I saw it at the front turn doors at work last night on the way home and I saw it again this morning on the street outside our building! I wonder what it does all day!

I am working on a present for Darian for Valentines Day. We aren't very romantic normally but we do try to do something a little different from normal like dinner or a movie. Anyway, I got inspired to get all the art stuff out and to create something. As per usual, no clear direction has meant a long drawn out process but I have finished a project I started years ago *little cheer* and started to finish two others as well as starting a new one and this project for Valentines Day. It has been good being creative. Probably would have been cheaper to just buy him something but no where near as much fun! So it started as a painting... here is my problem... I am an absolute clutter crazy person. I cannot leave it at that! So I have stuck stuff to it, tried my hand at Plasticine and wire sculpting as well as a little bit of electronic tinkering. Yes that is right, I am making my painting sing! So cool. In the process however I am doing a crash course in computer chip electrics and programming. So far so good... I will take photos after tomorrow because Darian still doesn't know what I am doing. He has seen parts of it seeing as it is impossible to hide the chaos lying around the house. I don't think he has any idea what it will look like. To be honest I don't know either! I am not even sure if I will be finished by then! There I go with my crazy need to clutter more more more more!

I did art at school and part of the course was to go through media, Internet and books to find images and artwork that was of interest to me. I must have spent days working on this, scouring the Internet for images I liked and that I someday would like to be able to compare with. My art interest comes from my Aunt Cookie who, besides being a most amazing woman, painted a mural on her lounge room wall. I have always wanted to do something like that! The thing about her painting is that no matter how many times I have seen it, I always notice something else that I had never noticed before. So from that beginning I discovered artists like Tim Hildebrandt who just has the most amazing works with the most intricate detail. I can't explain it but that just seems to me the most amazing talent, to create something with so much action and yet it just works! Mine is a lot of action but not a lot of cohesion. Frustrating! The only way to get good is to keep at it I guess (or be born with the talent but who is?). Darian has to be nice about it anyway otherwise he will look like a huge a**hole!!!

Love to all,

- Jane  


  1. Sounds brilliant Jane
    I am jealous that you have someone to create for and possibly someone to return a creation, at least with words. Happy Valentines day and love sharing.

  2. Homemade gifts really are the best, and not just because of the thought that goes into them, but also because they gracefully keep people's judgments at bay. Hope you two have a nice weekend!

  3. It was really nice! He is a good egg! Even though he didn't get me anything he still gave me lots of cuddles!


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