Saturday, February 28, 2009

The biggest day of my year

I am kind of looking forward to tomorrow. This is going to be the most stressful week of the year but I am glad to break the monotony.

I will be joining the ranks of the unemployed as of Tuesday. *eep!* And uni starts back tomorrow. I have been ambitious and signed up for two subjects this semester although I am still in the middle of my DBA (that stands for Database Administration) Course. So the crazy person I am has decided that I can pull a wonder woman this semester and hopefully end up on top! I love my studies so in a way it is a good thing that I might have some spare time comming to me in the form of joblessness. Still not sure that studying is the best way to pay rent. Either way the situation is what it is and there is no point complaining especially considering how many other people around the place are loosing alot more than I ever could. Darian's mum arrives tomorrow. (Eeep again!) We are excited for her arrival. The unit is in surprisingly good shape at present because our landlord is trying to sell it so I haven't even had to clean all that much. 

So as you can see, the universe hates my studies. *laughs* So many times life has got in the way of my degree. The general advice I get is "you need to put your foot down and take some time for yourself" however the world has different ideas! And on that note... I am going to get back to it and see if I can knock out some of my obstacles!

Thank you again for reading.

xox Love to all

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brown Pigeon

The brown pigeon is stalking me! (I am sorry to deviate but pigeon is such a ridiculous word! The more I say it the less sense it makes.) I saw it at the front turn doors at work last night on the way home and I saw it again this morning on the street outside our building! I wonder what it does all day!

I am working on a present for Darian for Valentines Day. We aren't very romantic normally but we do try to do something a little different from normal like dinner or a movie. Anyway, I got inspired to get all the art stuff out and to create something. As per usual, no clear direction has meant a long drawn out process but I have finished a project I started years ago *little cheer* and started to finish two others as well as starting a new one and this project for Valentines Day. It has been good being creative. Probably would have been cheaper to just buy him something but no where near as much fun! So it started as a painting... here is my problem... I am an absolute clutter crazy person. I cannot leave it at that! So I have stuck stuff to it, tried my hand at Plasticine and wire sculpting as well as a little bit of electronic tinkering. Yes that is right, I am making my painting sing! So cool. In the process however I am doing a crash course in computer chip electrics and programming. So far so good... I will take photos after tomorrow because Darian still doesn't know what I am doing. He has seen parts of it seeing as it is impossible to hide the chaos lying around the house. I don't think he has any idea what it will look like. To be honest I don't know either! I am not even sure if I will be finished by then! There I go with my crazy need to clutter more more more more!

I did art at school and part of the course was to go through media, Internet and books to find images and artwork that was of interest to me. I must have spent days working on this, scouring the Internet for images I liked and that I someday would like to be able to compare with. My art interest comes from my Aunt Cookie who, besides being a most amazing woman, painted a mural on her lounge room wall. I have always wanted to do something like that! The thing about her painting is that no matter how many times I have seen it, I always notice something else that I had never noticed before. So from that beginning I discovered artists like Tim Hildebrandt who just has the most amazing works with the most intricate detail. I can't explain it but that just seems to me the most amazing talent, to create something with so much action and yet it just works! Mine is a lot of action but not a lot of cohesion. Frustrating! The only way to get good is to keep at it I guess (or be born with the talent but who is?). Darian has to be nice about it anyway otherwise he will look like a huge a**hole!!!

Love to all,

- Jane  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Looking for work.... Again!

I always feel a little rude writing a post when I have nothing to say. I do of course have things to say but I want to be profound, insightful or at the least interesting. Still I find it theraputic trying to find a point by starting and seeing where my brain steers me. 

Oh great start.... Mind blank.... 

Still nothing? Ok well I am going for coffee and will be back. Should give me some time to think about it.

Almost had the whole cup of coffee and still nothing... joking it's ok I have something to talk about!

I am job searching again! I know I was doing this a couple of months ago right? Well it was only a contract so I only have 3 months here. Sad because I like it here and also because I am terrified that it is going to be hard to get another position. At the end of the day I don't think I am too good to washing dishes (in fact the overtime would be good!) so I am sure that if things don't go the way I want I will be able to find something. My problem is that now I need to decide which fields I need to put my energy into. I have a couple of roles I am looking at (and yes at this stage I am still pretending that I have that choice to make):

1) Entry level IT - Help Desk or 1st level support
-Probably will need this kind of work in order to work up the ranks in the IT world. 
-Potential to earn extra money in overtime (Darian's influence)
-I like talking to people so I think it might be kind of fun!
-It might not be fun - Angry people with computer problems yelling etc.
-Not much money for normal time so overtime will be necessary 

2) Call Centre 
-Not that hard to find (one would think?)
-No real committment because it is casual work so I can leave if I find something better 
-No real brain activity required just follow the script
-Possible overtime for extra money
-Not a career move - AT ALL - more like a career plumet
-Possibly no overtime and terrible hours
-Could involve sales *shudders* just the thought makes me queasy
-Money = bad 

3) Administration
-Normal hours, normal pay, normal expectations (does that sound exciting or what?)
-Good shot due to experience so not a waste of time applying
-Boring... potentially anyway depending on where/what and who etc.
-Not at all career moving

4) CEO
-Well I don't even know if I have to go through it... Good money, good hours etc
-Did I mention that the money would be fantastic? (deserves two mentions anyway)
-You need experience and umm perhaps (dare I say it) a pen... no not true that bit shoud be ok but I really should have had some sort of managerial experience or at the very least I would need a degree of some description.

Oh well... not very usefull. I guess I will just apply for everything and keep my fingers crossed!

xox Love to All!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Autumn Colours

I saw a brown pigeon today. I know impossible right? No not impossible in fact someone else has seen one and put a photo on the Internet (Thank you Google Images).
I have been watching the trees here in Melbourne since we got here with great interest. First they were completely naked (due to winter obviously) and then it looks like there is a bright green moss growing on the branches as the new leaves are beginning to grow. All through summer the leaves have been bright green and line the streets like a giant arch. I have been watching said leaves for a week or so now and decided that I could see them changing colour. We just had the hottest week Melbourne has experienced in something like 100 years (I have no fact to back that up, it is complete hear-say so take it for what it is *smiles*) and now the leaves are starting to fall! This is the signal for Autumn am I right? So this is where the pigeon becomes relevant.... I almost stepped on it this morning because I was too busy looking at the leaves thinking they were leaves until it sort of flapped. So cool! Autumn is coming and even the pigeons are changing colour to match the leaf litter. 

Darian and I were supposed to go for a jog together last night. The two of us have been battling the procrastinator (not to be confused with the terminator but equally as detrimental). So instead we walked to the store and bought ice cream before heading to the park because I wanted to play in the leaves. The grass was littered with leaves of all different colours. We lay on our backs and stared at the canopy. Every time there was a gust of wind the leaves would be thrown up in the air only to rain back down again like confetti. The whole idea of seasons is still very exciting for me! As I have said before, I am from Queensland. Not a disease despite what people around here seem to think (between being a Queenslander and a vegetarian I don't know why I have friends!). Being from Queensland though I am only really familiar with two seasons
Season 1. Hot and wet (ie. Summer) - I need to point out that wet only applies in areas not drought stricken 
Season 2. Hot and dry with coldish mornings (ie. Winter)
Here in Melbourne they have so many more seasons! I arrived at the end of winter and got to see the beginning of spring followed by absolute spring, end of spring, beginning of summer etc. I am sure you can see where I am going with this. Each one is so different! 

xox Love to all!

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