Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sir David

Woah it has been hot here in Melbourne. I am a Queensland girl and yet I have never experienced anything quite like it before.  I have been running around in my underwear for the last week *laughs* except at work where the air-con is so high I need a jacket. To make it clear - if there was no air-con here at work I would be in my underwear. That is how hot it was. 

Two things I found and wanted to share: 

Speaking of ridiculously hot, David Attenborough has been told to burn in hell. What is the matter with people? David is the most beautiful guy! Not that I would know from experience of course but I grew up listening to him talk in his grandfatherly voice about how beautiful the world is and how intricate and gorgeous nature and creatures are. It just isn't right. I hope he doesn't take it to heart. 

Speaking of David's I think I have found the American version of my Little brother (who's name is David). His name is Arj Barker, very funny dude! 

He is on Flight of the Conchords. If you don't know Flight of the Conchords, here is a refresher:

I think I know why I am so damn tired! I had the blood tests 2 Mondays ago and I haven't had a chance to go back and get the results. It has been crazy! (Appointment is for Wednesday in case anyone is concerned) The main issue at present is that my older cat is well... older. She has been really quiet lately and naturally being me I freak out at the first sign of anything. Hunny's vet and I were on a first name basis when she was a kitten. They are so tiny and they look so fragile! Turns out I am a little paranoid. Regardless, I took her to the vet to get checked and we did the blood tests and she was sent home to give a urine sample. A urine sample... from a cat...?? Well not as easy as it sounds (as if it sounds easy!).  One of the girls I work with suggested that I feed her heaps of water and then squeeze her. Needless to say that is not how you are supposed to treat your pet... ethically as well as logically. She wouldn't use the special kitty litter box so she had to go back to the vet but this time for a night stay so that they could retrieve her pee. In between these two events, our car is in for it's roadworthy because we are thinking about selling it. This means that I had to catch a bus to the vet (30mins away from home) in a bus which during the 45 degree Celsius day had become an inferno. I half expected it to explode! Since when is public transport not air conditioned? I know what you are thinking "spoilt Queensland girl". Well regardless of what you think of me, think of the poor cat! I am so hot I can hardly breath and I look at Josephine and she is panting! Have you ever seen a cat pant like a dog? It was so bazaar. Poor thing, she is wearing a thick fury coat and is in a little box and because of the heat in the bus, the ventilation holes were completely useless. So we shaved her on the weekend. She looks so stupid *laughs*. I always thought that it was bad owners who shaved their cats or dogs unevenly so that they have chunks of long and chunks of short hair. Turns out they aren't all that easy to shave! My cat is one of those animals that has been subjected to the indignity of the dodgy shave. As Lucas so brilliantly points out... She is now a Brazilian

On that note... 

Love to all!

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  1. haha, i love this blog, im glad you have a job now, keep up the writing, it fills my days at work with laughter,


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