Monday, January 26, 2009

My long weekend

I have noticed that of late I am asked the following question more and more frequently: "What did you do on the weekend?" Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful that I have friends willing to take an interest in my life but I just hate the question. Inevitably the answer is "Nothing much, just sleep, study, shopping, cleaning". Miserable... depressing... boring.... I moved here to Melbourne to get out of my rut and I am working at digging out another one. Seriously I need to snap my shovel! The worst part? Darian feels the same (and its mostly my fault). I am so slow and lazy lately! Meanwhile I got some good sleep! See every cloud has it's silver lining *smiles*

I want to show you what I did on my weekend anyway! But first, a very cool video that Darian downloaded on the weekend. It is awesome in HD but still cute and funny in standard definition.

I went to the Nirvana Cafe for dinner with my Melbourne friend followed by a big night out and a killer hangover the next day. Gratefully, Darian allowed me to sleep off what had been a night of 
beer and vodka fueled silliness. I think he was dealing with his own mini-hangover. All I saw when I opened my eyes was a "Go Australia" tattoo on his shoulder. Needless to say I thought it 
was the funniest thing (Darian is from New Zealand and the rivalry between our countries is one of constant debate so for him to swap sides just because he had had a bit to drink was an interesting event to say the least!). Regardless he washed it off before I got a photo *cranky face*  

Saturday night was much more mellow... 

Pizza with the girls

Board game with my Melbourne friend and her boyfriend

Did I mention that Darian and I ate 2 whole pizzas (I am so ashamed to say that I mean 2 EACH) this weekend. I had extra coz I had pizza with the girls as well. I was almost a whole kilogram heavier this morning! (Rude!) The following is to blame:

+ Diet Soft Drink (to balance the fat that follows)

+ Pizza (this is the first lot of pizza there was oh so much more)

+ Our gorgeous big comfy couch 
= My Fat Tummy (I like the over-exposure, makes it look air-brushed (must remember for the future!)

We had an absolute movie marathon. There was a movie on TV called "Inside Man" which we watched followed by Step Brothers (funny), Eagle Eye (Ok), Felon (Great) and Taken (Very Good). At this stage it is 5am so we slept in the lounge room and got up at maybe 12.30 in the afternoon. Yep, that's pretty bad! Not as bad as Monday though because we got up at 2.30pm! I have nothing to say for myself... As Darian says "The whole day is over".... and it pretty much was, we left the apartment twice, both times to drop back the movies before they were due back. *laughs* did I mention that I got heaps of sleep. To put it in perspective though... it was roughly 8 hours both nights, it wasn't an oversleep it was an overwake! Not good all round seeing as I am supposed to be getting my health together. I am a little drained today due to my rediculous weekend. In order to avoid feeling this way in future I have decided to start a health kick (with view to make it a permenant lifestyle) which will include the following:

1) I am going to the gym after work 
2) I am back to counting calories.
3) I am to go to bed by 11pm every night
4) I am to wake up before 9am every morning
5) I am to use one day at least of the weekend to do something fun with Darian so that he doesn't leave me for a more exciting blonde. 

I am so mad at myself for messing up my new years resolution for 3 gym sessions at least per week. How hard is it really? Laziness is my enemy.

Thank you for tuning in again :) xox Love to all!


  1. Isn't funny when you move or change parts of life; you have to split your friends up by city or country. These are my New Zealand friends, school friends, Uni Friends, Sydney friends etc... insane how we pigion hole parts of our lives to make it easier to deal with.

  2. I agree with you 100%! I think it works, I am just happy if I remember names really!

  3. I should have known - really what type of a person listens to Hamish and Andy?
    missed this one completely.
    Sudden pressure as IQ drops even further into my shoes.
    well done I actually liked this character.

  4. Never say anything bad about Hamish and Andy! They are so beautiful! I listen to them at work and they never fail to make me giggle. *laughs*


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