Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another working week

Good morning! 
Firstly, I know I said the cube I found was broken but I found the missing part, now I just need to find some super glue! 

I have just spent a fair amount of this morning uploading photos to my FaceBook. Worthwhile expendature of time? Maybe not but at least I have done it now. I even tagged my brother in the photos of the two of us so I have officially done my duty to the social networking by linking my photos with the rest of the community. I also created an album of random photos for my parents so they can see what I have been up to as well. Dad is on Facebook anyway so he will see them twice.

I wanted to kick start today with a news article that is so sad that I just can't bring myself to find it funny. I am sure this bloke is
 incredibly embarrassed by the whole situation but seriously I think he has bigger problems to have considered it in the first place. He was doing what? I don't think I can, in the name of decency write about it here in my blog (Sorry) but I have attached a link if you are interested. Please don't click on this link if you are sensitive because the behaviour is questionable at the very least! And here you have your new "Drugs are bad
 Mm'Kay" poster boy for the new year. 

So in other news.....
Darian and I went to South Bank for breakfast on Saturday. It was such a nice day! I had my favorite Eggs Florentine! We walked back along the river and through Federation square where 
there were big babies running around. No idea why they were there? The big pink one chased a girl who for a moment actually freaked out I think. Very funny and definately a highlight of the day. We did some boring stuff on Saturday as well, like getting my aquarium water tested and I bought new fish. Not that the fish are boring. I like aquariums. You can loose hours just watching fish
 swim around. Very relaxing. I think so anyway. We went to the moonlight cinema for dinner. We brought our big picnic blanket, salad, bread and two bottles of wine. The movie was Body of Lies. No complaints, Leonardo DiCaprio is very convincing in films like this one, if you saw Blood Diamonds then you would know what I mean. Very nice night out! I brought the cube too! 
Sunday was a much more subdued day. I really like weekends. Lately we have been trying very hard to make weekends stress free. Normally they are so rushed, trying to get everything done because Darian works stupid hours and only has the weekend to catch up on all the life stuff. I think it was good this weekend though. I went out for food while Darian talked to his dad. We had Thai for dinner last night and a bottle of red wine *laughs* Back on the diet starting today. 

I have been directed to the following video by another blogger Brenda Susan and it actually made me feel a little inspired so I will share it here.

I hope you all had an equally relaxing weekend!
xox Love to all

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  1. Hi Jane - Thanks for coming by my blog! It's funny timing because I was just coming to check my comments after spending some time on a site that links up people from all over the world & I was checking out blogs from Australia!
    AND thanks for mentioning me in your blog! I'll be back, I enjoyed reading a bunch of your posts, very good & entertaining!


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