Thursday, January 15, 2009

Computer problems

Ok funny story... I dropped a sultana in my coffee. I saw the sultana fall out of the packet but I must have forgotten. I get to the bottom of the coffee and with revulsion I realise that something has pooed in my coffee! *laughs* It wasn't until I remembered that it was just a sultana that I calmed down. I spent a lot of time wondering how something would have been able to do that without me noticing! Would have to have been pretty big!

I cannot believe the trouble I am having with the computer today! Everything is so slow! I know why they don't let the windows in these buildings open... so that I cannot throw the computer outside to fall to the street/gutter where it belongs! Ok strong I know but that is how annoyed I
 am. As my mother would say "And another thing....(insert loosley related topic here)" Here is a tip, when you have kids, don't give them two last names! I mean really.... Steven Stevenson should get compensation from his parents. Not as bad as Little Adolf Hitler Campbell though. What were his parents thinking? I still struggle with the concept that there are people who believe that the holocaust never happened!

Instantly I feel better. Thank you for listening to my rant! 

I am not sure what I want to achieve here today which makes it hard. I am slightly distracted today because of all the cotton wool which has been stuffed in my brain... without my permission can I add. I have had blood tests though so hopefully all that will be sorted. I can check back on Monday next week. I hate waiting, I didn't realise how impatient I really am! If you could take all the seconds you use waiting for things to load, waiting for the tram, waiting for someone to arrive, waiting for well life in general, I wonder how much life has been wasted? I use
d to smoke and that was one of the biggest things that took up my time. Suddenly as a non-smoker I have all this spare time, waiting for a tram takes so long where normally I would have 
had a ciggarette and it would just arrive. While I say that I have spare time, it is merely time that I have dedicated to other persuits.

Ok to deviate because this line of thought is going nowhere... I want to share parts of the city that I now call home. I have only been here for 4 months or so and so don't have much to show but there are several aspects of Melbourne that I love. I hope that I have captured some of them for you!

Lot's of places to walk! This is the closest you are getting to a self portrait in this forum! (Not camera shy I just like the anonymity!)

I don't know how to explain it but graffiti here in Melbourne isn't destructive but artistic. This bicycle lady is down one of the alley ways near my apartment. I think she is made of brown
 paper with a printed image glued to the wall.

The bunny toy is great! There are two restaurants down this alley. You don't know that there is anything down there but you stumble upon them on the way to somewhere else. 

I like the way that art sneaks into every dark and forgotten corner. This one is chalk on the pavement and I will have to get some photos of the spray art around the place.  

One of the more special things about Melbourne is the social scene surrounding cafe's and coffee houses. I never get bored sitting outside watching the world go by with a great cup of coffee and good company (in the case of the photo above, the good company is Darian).

What is it about cities on the river? Brisbane was the same, you feel so connected somehow to everything around you. It solidifies your place in the world somehow because you aren't just a concrete jungle, you have a sense of the surrounding environment as well. 

There are so many reasons to kick your shoes off and have a glass of wine! I cannot express how much I love green grass! 

There are always other people who love to play outside too! Instant friends... Just add water!

xox Love to all!

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  1. I wish I was in Melbourne instead of 2and bit hours out. It seems so far to travel. My sister lives in Thornbury, do you think that I can get off my arse to visit her? I make her come up to me, somewhere between in the middle of nowhere, and passit. We actually have sushi this week, instead of having to drive an hour to get sushi, a cafe decided they would get all cosmo on us... ohhhohhh canned tuna, rice and seaweed. I bought it, its the closest thing I'll get besides making it myself.


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