Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art caught forever

I have not been able to focus for the last couple of weeks! No matter how much coffee my head is full of cotton wool! Speaking of which, I think I will get another cup before I settle into my rant today! I have added a few more blogs to my "following" list. I really enjoy the other journals that I have read! It is cool too the way that you can link from one to the other to get a perspective on someone else. Very interesting! Nice too that I am not the on
ly one who simply enjoys the writing/broadcasting of ideas and thoughts. I am not as poetic as some of the other authors out there but no less passionate (at least I like to think so!). 
The author of My So Called Life has included a post written by her partner. I brought it up with Darian last night and he didn't even humour me. "No" was the only response I could get. I have thought for a while now that he should have his own blog (mostly so he has an outlet for all of those very strong political views) but he has no interest. He is an absolute tech head, loves all things technology except, he has no interest in social networking (thats right, no facebook), no interest in predictive text (the best thing to have happen
ed for mobile phone text messaging!), no interest in programming and no interest in blogging? I don't understand how two people can exist in the same home yet on completely opposite planets! Still there we are and for the most part quite happy. No accounting for taste I guess. 

So, seeing as Darian will not grace this page with his thoughts I will continue bravely without him *giggles*. Sorry I am being a pain the ass! One of my better qualities I think. So while we are at work we email each other, mostly silly emails like "how are you this morning? Did you sleep ok?" "Yeah good thanks" (I understand that this is what most couples say to each other as they get ready for work but I am not a real person until I have h
ad a cup of coffee and the answer is already "Bad" so there is no point discussing it). The rest of our conversations are about funny things we have read in the news. Here is a link he has sent me which I thought was a beautiful use of technology. Google Earth has taken high resolution photographs of some of the artwork in El Prado. The photographs are taken at a 14 billion pixel resolution! Perspective? Well the average happy snap is between 2 and 5 million pixels. The result? Now anyone can see the artwork in greater detail than if they were in the same room as the painting!  

Here is the video associated with the article. The direct link is here. 
I studied art at school (shocking I know) and one of the artists that blew my mind was Hieronymus Bosch. This guy was alive from 1450 until 1516 so most of his work is fire and brimstone style (not an actual arty term but my own personal interpretation). I did a study on his painting "The Garden Of Earthly Delights". I think the reason I like it is because it is so depraved. I am cranky though because I could never see the whole thing (seeing as it is at El Prado and when I was studying the painting our house was still using dial-up internet). I am actually excited to get home so I can have a look on Google Earth!  
So there Darian, you have added to my blog whether you like it or not! 

As per usual, I feel that I would like to deviate onto a new topic. I have the worst skin at the moment. A lot of it is my own fault because I am a picker! I hate it but I can't help it. I don't bite my nails but I wish that I had that bad habit instead. No-one sees my nails but everyone can see the giant red spots on my face. I have given up foundation in the hopes that it will clear. I am not a teenager anymore! I thought that the skin issue just ended after you turned 20. Not so! I went to the pharmacy after a little internet research to buy a face wash with a chemical that gets rid of black heads and the rest of the stupid blemishes on my face. I found what I was after and took it to the counter. The lady, a very pretty girl who clearly has never had to deal with a zit in her life, recommended that I try a different product about four times the price and without the chemical I wanted. "This one is going to be a lot more gentle on your skin" she says. "Yes, but I want something that is going to tear my skin off, I have done gentle, it doesn't work, give me the hardcore stuff!" She tells me that this is the one she always recomends to which I reply that I am not interested in paying $40 for face wash and instead I would like the one I had choosen in the first place. She kept pressing for me to buy the other one so I just left the chemist. I was so mad! I don't know why she didn't want me to use it! Maybe it would have an adverse effect on my skin but it isn't like it is medicated, its just face wash! So I snuck back in the next day after checking that she wasn't there and bought it. Yeah in your face lady! Meanwhile I will keep you posted and if my face falls off I will let you know what product it was so it doesn't happen to you. Wish me luck on my journey to becoming blemish free!

I think that is enough crack talk for one day!
I hope you are all well and I want to leave you with this song Cassie Davis is on the radio every two songs and I don't mind because this song makes me happy!


  1. Thanks for the comments Jane. I like knowing that someone is reading.
    I like the art as well, when I was in Belgium some of the old building that are open to the public have beautiful art in guilded frames. I think you could put my daughters work in a goldleafed frame and sell it for mega...

  2. I'm enjoying your blog a lot! Good luck with the facial stuck to what you wanted in spite of an extremely pushy sales girl, yikes!


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