Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sir David

Woah it has been hot here in Melbourne. I am a Queensland girl and yet I have never experienced anything quite like it before.  I have been running around in my underwear for the last week *laughs* except at work where the air-con is so high I need a jacket. To make it clear - if there was no air-con here at work I would be in my underwear. That is how hot it was. 

Two things I found and wanted to share: 

Speaking of ridiculously hot, David Attenborough has been told to burn in hell. What is the matter with people? David is the most beautiful guy! Not that I would know from experience of course but I grew up listening to him talk in his grandfatherly voice about how beautiful the world is and how intricate and gorgeous nature and creatures are. It just isn't right. I hope he doesn't take it to heart. 

Speaking of David's I think I have found the American version of my Little brother (who's name is David). His name is Arj Barker, very funny dude! 

He is on Flight of the Conchords. If you don't know Flight of the Conchords, here is a refresher:

I think I know why I am so damn tired! I had the blood tests 2 Mondays ago and I haven't had a chance to go back and get the results. It has been crazy! (Appointment is for Wednesday in case anyone is concerned) The main issue at present is that my older cat is well... older. She has been really quiet lately and naturally being me I freak out at the first sign of anything. Hunny's vet and I were on a first name basis when she was a kitten. They are so tiny and they look so fragile! Turns out I am a little paranoid. Regardless, I took her to the vet to get checked and we did the blood tests and she was sent home to give a urine sample. A urine sample... from a cat...?? Well not as easy as it sounds (as if it sounds easy!).  One of the girls I work with suggested that I feed her heaps of water and then squeeze her. Needless to say that is not how you are supposed to treat your pet... ethically as well as logically. She wouldn't use the special kitty litter box so she had to go back to the vet but this time for a night stay so that they could retrieve her pee. In between these two events, our car is in for it's roadworthy because we are thinking about selling it. This means that I had to catch a bus to the vet (30mins away from home) in a bus which during the 45 degree Celsius day had become an inferno. I half expected it to explode! Since when is public transport not air conditioned? I know what you are thinking "spoilt Queensland girl". Well regardless of what you think of me, think of the poor cat! I am so hot I can hardly breath and I look at Josephine and she is panting! Have you ever seen a cat pant like a dog? It was so bazaar. Poor thing, she is wearing a thick fury coat and is in a little box and because of the heat in the bus, the ventilation holes were completely useless. So we shaved her on the weekend. She looks so stupid *laughs*. I always thought that it was bad owners who shaved their cats or dogs unevenly so that they have chunks of long and chunks of short hair. Turns out they aren't all that easy to shave! My cat is one of those animals that has been subjected to the indignity of the dodgy shave. As Lucas so brilliantly points out... She is now a Brazilian

On that note... 

Love to all!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My long weekend

I have noticed that of late I am asked the following question more and more frequently: "What did you do on the weekend?" Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful that I have friends willing to take an interest in my life but I just hate the question. Inevitably the answer is "Nothing much, just sleep, study, shopping, cleaning". Miserable... depressing... boring.... I moved here to Melbourne to get out of my rut and I am working at digging out another one. Seriously I need to snap my shovel! The worst part? Darian feels the same (and its mostly my fault). I am so slow and lazy lately! Meanwhile I got some good sleep! See every cloud has it's silver lining *smiles*

I want to show you what I did on my weekend anyway! But first, a very cool video that Darian downloaded on the weekend. It is awesome in HD but still cute and funny in standard definition.

I went to the Nirvana Cafe for dinner with my Melbourne friend followed by a big night out and a killer hangover the next day. Gratefully, Darian allowed me to sleep off what had been a night of 
beer and vodka fueled silliness. I think he was dealing with his own mini-hangover. All I saw when I opened my eyes was a "Go Australia" tattoo on his shoulder. Needless to say I thought it 
was the funniest thing (Darian is from New Zealand and the rivalry between our countries is one of constant debate so for him to swap sides just because he had had a bit to drink was an interesting event to say the least!). Regardless he washed it off before I got a photo *cranky face*  

Saturday night was much more mellow... 

Pizza with the girls

Board game with my Melbourne friend and her boyfriend

Did I mention that Darian and I ate 2 whole pizzas (I am so ashamed to say that I mean 2 EACH) this weekend. I had extra coz I had pizza with the girls as well. I was almost a whole kilogram heavier this morning! (Rude!) The following is to blame:

+ Diet Soft Drink (to balance the fat that follows)

+ Pizza (this is the first lot of pizza there was oh so much more)

+ Our gorgeous big comfy couch 
= My Fat Tummy (I like the over-exposure, makes it look air-brushed (must remember for the future!)

We had an absolute movie marathon. There was a movie on TV called "Inside Man" which we watched followed by Step Brothers (funny), Eagle Eye (Ok), Felon (Great) and Taken (Very Good). At this stage it is 5am so we slept in the lounge room and got up at maybe 12.30 in the afternoon. Yep, that's pretty bad! Not as bad as Monday though because we got up at 2.30pm! I have nothing to say for myself... As Darian says "The whole day is over".... and it pretty much was, we left the apartment twice, both times to drop back the movies before they were due back. *laughs* did I mention that I got heaps of sleep. To put it in perspective though... it was roughly 8 hours both nights, it wasn't an oversleep it was an overwake! Not good all round seeing as I am supposed to be getting my health together. I am a little drained today due to my rediculous weekend. In order to avoid feeling this way in future I have decided to start a health kick (with view to make it a permenant lifestyle) which will include the following:

1) I am going to the gym after work 
2) I am back to counting calories.
3) I am to go to bed by 11pm every night
4) I am to wake up before 9am every morning
5) I am to use one day at least of the weekend to do something fun with Darian so that he doesn't leave me for a more exciting blonde. 

I am so mad at myself for messing up my new years resolution for 3 gym sessions at least per week. How hard is it really? Laziness is my enemy.

Thank you for tuning in again :) xox Love to all!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stop - Hammertime

So I bought a diary today. I know... last of the big spenders... $8.50 to organise my world. I go through stages of organisation, this being one of them, everything is written down and everything is recorded... then I loose my diary and it's all over. *Laughs* This one is a bit bigger than usual so I guess it will be ok. I just need a bag big enough to fit the diary in now! Yay! I am going shopping.

I wanted to give an update on the skin care I am trialing at the moment. My face has not fallen off despite my best efforts. I don't see any difference yet but no break-outs so it can only be considered better than usual. 

I wanted to share this photo with you all. The joke never gets old and I pass this one everyday. I can't explain why but it always gives me a smile.

xox Love to all!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Computer problems

Ok funny story... I dropped a sultana in my coffee. I saw the sultana fall out of the packet but I must have forgotten. I get to the bottom of the coffee and with revulsion I realise that something has pooed in my coffee! *laughs* It wasn't until I remembered that it was just a sultana that I calmed down. I spent a lot of time wondering how something would have been able to do that without me noticing! Would have to have been pretty big!

I cannot believe the trouble I am having with the computer today! Everything is so slow! I know why they don't let the windows in these buildings open... so that I cannot throw the computer outside to fall to the street/gutter where it belongs! Ok strong I know but that is how annoyed I
 am. As my mother would say "And another thing....(insert loosley related topic here)" Here is a tip, when you have kids, don't give them two last names! I mean really.... Steven Stevenson should get compensation from his parents. Not as bad as Little Adolf Hitler Campbell though. What were his parents thinking? I still struggle with the concept that there are people who believe that the holocaust never happened!

Instantly I feel better. Thank you for listening to my rant! 

I am not sure what I want to achieve here today which makes it hard. I am slightly distracted today because of all the cotton wool which has been stuffed in my brain... without my permission can I add. I have had blood tests though so hopefully all that will be sorted. I can check back on Monday next week. I hate waiting, I didn't realise how impatient I really am! If you could take all the seconds you use waiting for things to load, waiting for the tram, waiting for someone to arrive, waiting for well life in general, I wonder how much life has been wasted? I use
d to smoke and that was one of the biggest things that took up my time. Suddenly as a non-smoker I have all this spare time, waiting for a tram takes so long where normally I would have 
had a ciggarette and it would just arrive. While I say that I have spare time, it is merely time that I have dedicated to other persuits.

Ok to deviate because this line of thought is going nowhere... I want to share parts of the city that I now call home. I have only been here for 4 months or so and so don't have much to show but there are several aspects of Melbourne that I love. I hope that I have captured some of them for you!

Lot's of places to walk! This is the closest you are getting to a self portrait in this forum! (Not camera shy I just like the anonymity!)

I don't know how to explain it but graffiti here in Melbourne isn't destructive but artistic. This bicycle lady is down one of the alley ways near my apartment. I think she is made of brown
 paper with a printed image glued to the wall.

The bunny toy is great! There are two restaurants down this alley. You don't know that there is anything down there but you stumble upon them on the way to somewhere else. 

I like the way that art sneaks into every dark and forgotten corner. This one is chalk on the pavement and I will have to get some photos of the spray art around the place.  

One of the more special things about Melbourne is the social scene surrounding cafe's and coffee houses. I never get bored sitting outside watching the world go by with a great cup of coffee and good company (in the case of the photo above, the good company is Darian).

What is it about cities on the river? Brisbane was the same, you feel so connected somehow to everything around you. It solidifies your place in the world somehow because you aren't just a concrete jungle, you have a sense of the surrounding environment as well. 

There are so many reasons to kick your shoes off and have a glass of wine! I cannot express how much I love green grass! 

There are always other people who love to play outside too! Instant friends... Just add water!

xox Love to all!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art caught forever

I have not been able to focus for the last couple of weeks! No matter how much coffee my head is full of cotton wool! Speaking of which, I think I will get another cup before I settle into my rant today! I have added a few more blogs to my "following" list. I really enjoy the other journals that I have read! It is cool too the way that you can link from one to the other to get a perspective on someone else. Very interesting! Nice too that I am not the on
ly one who simply enjoys the writing/broadcasting of ideas and thoughts. I am not as poetic as some of the other authors out there but no less passionate (at least I like to think so!). 
The author of My So Called Life has included a post written by her partner. I brought it up with Darian last night and he didn't even humour me. "No" was the only response I could get. I have thought for a while now that he should have his own blog (mostly so he has an outlet for all of those very strong political views) but he has no interest. He is an absolute tech head, loves all things technology except, he has no interest in social networking (thats right, no facebook), no interest in predictive text (the best thing to have happen
ed for mobile phone text messaging!), no interest in programming and no interest in blogging? I don't understand how two people can exist in the same home yet on completely opposite planets! Still there we are and for the most part quite happy. No accounting for taste I guess. 

So, seeing as Darian will not grace this page with his thoughts I will continue bravely without him *giggles*. Sorry I am being a pain the ass! One of my better qualities I think. So while we are at work we email each other, mostly silly emails like "how are you this morning? Did you sleep ok?" "Yeah good thanks" (I understand that this is what most couples say to each other as they get ready for work but I am not a real person until I have h
ad a cup of coffee and the answer is already "Bad" so there is no point discussing it). The rest of our conversations are about funny things we have read in the news. Here is a link he has sent me which I thought was a beautiful use of technology. Google Earth has taken high resolution photographs of some of the artwork in El Prado. The photographs are taken at a 14 billion pixel resolution! Perspective? Well the average happy snap is between 2 and 5 million pixels. The result? Now anyone can see the artwork in greater detail than if they were in the same room as the painting!  

Here is the video associated with the article. The direct link is here. 
I studied art at school (shocking I know) and one of the artists that blew my mind was Hieronymus Bosch. This guy was alive from 1450 until 1516 so most of his work is fire and brimstone style (not an actual arty term but my own personal interpretation). I did a study on his painting "The Garden Of Earthly Delights". I think the reason I like it is because it is so depraved. I am cranky though because I could never see the whole thing (seeing as it is at El Prado and when I was studying the painting our house was still using dial-up internet). I am actually excited to get home so I can have a look on Google Earth!  
So there Darian, you have added to my blog whether you like it or not! 

As per usual, I feel that I would like to deviate onto a new topic. I have the worst skin at the moment. A lot of it is my own fault because I am a picker! I hate it but I can't help it. I don't bite my nails but I wish that I had that bad habit instead. No-one sees my nails but everyone can see the giant red spots on my face. I have given up foundation in the hopes that it will clear. I am not a teenager anymore! I thought that the skin issue just ended after you turned 20. Not so! I went to the pharmacy after a little internet research to buy a face wash with a chemical that gets rid of black heads and the rest of the stupid blemishes on my face. I found what I was after and took it to the counter. The lady, a very pretty girl who clearly has never had to deal with a zit in her life, recommended that I try a different product about four times the price and without the chemical I wanted. "This one is going to be a lot more gentle on your skin" she says. "Yes, but I want something that is going to tear my skin off, I have done gentle, it doesn't work, give me the hardcore stuff!" She tells me that this is the one she always recomends to which I reply that I am not interested in paying $40 for face wash and instead I would like the one I had choosen in the first place. She kept pressing for me to buy the other one so I just left the chemist. I was so mad! I don't know why she didn't want me to use it! Maybe it would have an adverse effect on my skin but it isn't like it is medicated, its just face wash! So I snuck back in the next day after checking that she wasn't there and bought it. Yeah in your face lady! Meanwhile I will keep you posted and if my face falls off I will let you know what product it was so it doesn't happen to you. Wish me luck on my journey to becoming blemish free!

I think that is enough crack talk for one day!
I hope you are all well and I want to leave you with this song Cassie Davis is on the radio every two songs and I don't mind because this song makes me happy!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another working week

Good morning! 
Firstly, I know I said the cube I found was broken but I found the missing part, now I just need to find some super glue! 

I have just spent a fair amount of this morning uploading photos to my FaceBook. Worthwhile expendature of time? Maybe not but at least I have done it now. I even tagged my brother in the photos of the two of us so I have officially done my duty to the social networking by linking my photos with the rest of the community. I also created an album of random photos for my parents so they can see what I have been up to as well. Dad is on Facebook anyway so he will see them twice.

I wanted to kick start today with a news article that is so sad that I just can't bring myself to find it funny. I am sure this bloke is
 incredibly embarrassed by the whole situation but seriously I think he has bigger problems to have considered it in the first place. He was doing what? I don't think I can, in the name of decency write about it here in my blog (Sorry) but I have attached a link if you are interested. Please don't click on this link if you are sensitive because the behaviour is questionable at the very least! And here you have your new "Drugs are bad
 Mm'Kay" poster boy for the new year. 

So in other news.....
Darian and I went to South Bank for breakfast on Saturday. It was such a nice day! I had my favorite Eggs Florentine! We walked back along the river and through Federation square where 
there were big babies running around. No idea why they were there? The big pink one chased a girl who for a moment actually freaked out I think. Very funny and definately a highlight of the day. We did some boring stuff on Saturday as well, like getting my aquarium water tested and I bought new fish. Not that the fish are boring. I like aquariums. You can loose hours just watching fish
 swim around. Very relaxing. I think so anyway. We went to the moonlight cinema for dinner. We brought our big picnic blanket, salad, bread and two bottles of wine. The movie was Body of Lies. No complaints, Leonardo DiCaprio is very convincing in films like this one, if you saw Blood Diamonds then you would know what I mean. Very nice night out! I brought the cube too! 
Sunday was a much more subdued day. I really like weekends. Lately we have been trying very hard to make weekends stress free. Normally they are so rushed, trying to get everything done because Darian works stupid hours and only has the weekend to catch up on all the life stuff. I think it was good this weekend though. I went out for food while Darian talked to his dad. We had Thai for dinner last night and a bottle of red wine *laughs* Back on the diet starting today. 

I have been directed to the following video by another blogger Brenda Susan and it actually made me feel a little inspired so I will share it here.

I hope you all had an equally relaxing weekend!
xox Love to all

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Anyone who reads this blog often (Ok I know its just you Darian) will note that I have a new column on the right hand side full of the blogs that I am following. I am trying to become more involved in the Blogging community. It is quite enjoyable reading what other people want to say to the world. I especially like the ones who are just talking about the things they do every day (which is pretty much what I do I guess). I like the photography ones as well. Some of the photos are just gorgeous! I think it is hard to get a good photo. I don't mean a happy snap but a photo which captures something worth capturing. I am not all that good at it and in photos of me I think I have trouble giving the camera something worth capturing. I am not commenting on my looks despite what you might think, I just mean that I can't give the camera my personality I always look so strange! 

Darian doesn't like posing for photos so he always looks kind of serious (Ok in some photos he looks like he is going to kill someone). Everyone always says "Why don't you smile more?" me included and he hates it! His point though (and if I get this wrong I will re-visit this post) is that in real life we don't march around with big ridiculous smiles like the ones we put on for photos. I think he doesn't want a photo of himself which is a false representation. That is understandable and while I am never all that worried about a false photo (any attention is good attention) it is hard to take one that is not false. I don't think that he ever looks ridiculous but when he really smiles there is a light that comes on in his head and his eyes shine with it. When he 'fake' smiles, while still very attractive, it doesn't have the same quality. But then I wonder how much of it is escaping the fake and how much is just that he doesn't want to bear that side of himself to the world. Don't get me wrong I like that I am almost the only person who gets to see that smile!

I smile often (to myself mostly) for lots of different reasons, I hear something funny, think of something funny, see something amusing etc. I am a comedy fanatic, not loud obnoxious comedy (although sometimes I have laughed so hard my stomach aches over Poo and Wee jokes) but I really like comedy that makes your sides hurt. I don't care who sees me smile unless it is clearly inappropriate (sorry part of my personality, not always appropriate). Boys don't really smile, they aren't allowed to cry (and I don't think that they resent that all that much), can't get excited the same way we can. It is like they have to be normal all the time. You wonder why we women are emotional? It's because we are allowed to be. How fun is the zoo when you can squeal in delight at the animals? A lot more fun than observing them reservedly like a boy. But how strange! We went sky diving when we were in New Zealand. That means we jumped out of a plane! When we got to the bottom I was excited and I ran up and threw my arms around him and was squealing and carrying on. His whole demeanor said 'whatever'. I mean we had just jumped out of a plane, he must have felt sort of like me but nothing on the outside would let you know that. 

Need more proof? I live in an apartment building and I park my car alongside two other cars whose drivers are pretty lax about the room they give me. One day the spot was so tight I had to climb out the window because the door wouldn't open. I was so upset because I had tried so many times to make it straight that I lost it. I sat on the ground at the front of the car and cried. I wasn't sad so much as frustrated and angry. When Darian got home I told him that the (and I am going to use a nasty word here) ass-clowns who parked to close to our parking spot made me cry. He said to me that there is no way that a guy would tell anyone if something like that had happened. I guess I had never thought about it before. Besides the fact that something so silly would never move a man to cry, maybe smash a window or slash some tyres (which in hindsight would have been more fun) but certainly not cry. But if something had made a guy cry, it isn't something they would discuss again in a hurry. Which made me think of this clip:

It is interesting how much people are willing to display of themselves. From something as complex as emotions to something as simple as skin. I guess Australia would be considered liberal but the difference between here and Brisbane is immense. It is all relative of course but I would not have thought twice about how much cleavage was visible in Brisbane. In fact the lower cut the better. Here I am wearing high cut shirts because everyone is so conservative. The only reason I mention this is because I just made a rather embarrassing discovery this morning! In the elevator, I noticed an immaculately dressed business woman (I work in an accounting firm so they all look like that) was staring at my legs. A little confused (trust me, there is nothing spectacular about my legs!) I looked down and not only was my skirt on back to front but the crease ran down one leg at a peculiar angle. At least that clears up what she was staring at! I of course pretended that nothing had happened (my hands were full so there was very little I could do anyway) and stepped out of the lift at my floor. As soon as the doors closed I dumped everything on the ground to fix my skirt only to discover that the slit at the back (presumably so that you can walk properly?) is only just below where my underwear ends! One poorly thought out retrieval of a pen from the floor could show my colleagues far more than I wish them to see. I think it will be alright as long as I am sitting or standing. Not that I spend all that much time bending over anyway but still good to be mindful of that. 

xox Love to all!
- Jane

Monday, January 5, 2009

I am so bored!

I have noticed that lately my posts have become more frequent. I belive that the frequency and lack of direction is directly related to my work-load which at present is very light on. I could be spending this time doing something constructive or I could spend it doing something creative. I pick creative! 

I have just read the cutest article ever. A six year old and a seven year old decided they would like to get married in Africa so they eloped. They snuck out of the house with the girls little sister as a witness and caught a tram to the train station, when they got there a concerned guard called the police and they were reunited with their parents. They are so beautiful in the photograph but I don't feel right about including it here! It is unfortunate though that in one list of comments someone cries "Bad Parenting". It is such a cute story and such a sweet idea that these kids were smart enough to yearn for adventure and romance! I think it is beautiful that the kids were taught enough about the world around them that they wanted to experience it! Here is one of questionable parenting. A four year old shot his babysitter with a shot gun because he was mad that his foot had been steped on. I shouldn't laugh but its kind of funny. The babysitter is Ok aside from being shot in the arm. 

Speaking of bad parenting, my little brother is on You Tube (and in a round about way so am I!). David went through a phase (and I call it a phase because he has a new career goal now) where he wanted to be a film-maker. Besides the fact that his brain is the best kind of twisted for entertainment, he has a pretty good sense of humor as well. The attached is the result of a great deal of work, long hours and stress for David and some terrible acting by me! 

Yes, in short, that is me running in heels. *giggles* 

On to another observation: Darian and I have watched an entire series of Flight of the Conchords. I am going to be honest, the only reason I have linked to their website is out of courtesy because it hasn't been updated since 2006. They are hilarious despite their website. As it turns out web development isn't their strong point so the best way to see them is on YouTube. Anyway, back to the point. I wanted to show the following two clips, seeing as I just learnt how to include You Tube content and I want to practise! The first clip is David Bowie's "Life on Mars?".

Don't stare at his eyes too long. It makes me dizzy and i don't want you to feel dizzy! So Flight of the Conchords have done a study in David Bowie and this is what it looks like.

I think it is clever! And yes David Bowie is Freaky!

Love to all!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

To my dear Ferdie

We had a crazy person live with us for a couple of months. Nice guy but absolute maniac. He got in trouble for driving while disqualified and seeing as he wasn't all that perfect in his youth was looking at a pretty hefty penalty for his sins. While I don't think we ever really believed him, he thought he was destined to go to gaol. I think his prescription meds were making him a little paranoid. I guess it is a bit rude using his real name so I will call him 'Chatter' after the Mr. Man which describes him the best. I don't think that this is an appropriate medium for bitchiness and I want to make it clear that I have no problem with Chatter, we did fall out when he left but there is no animosity. I actually think of his time with us with fond memories. He had a cat whose name was Cat funnily enough and he also had a fish. The cat got paralysis tick from somewhere and got very very sick. The last time I saw him he was completely shaved except for his head and in a very bad way. I am relatively sure that he pulled through but could not say with any certainty. As for the fish, when Chatter left, he left the fish as well.

I had never considered keeping a Siamese Fighting Fish before. I called him Ferdinand and he lived in a vase about 55cm tall and 15cm wide. It seems so cruel. If he hadn't been left with us I would not have gone in search of one, for the same reason I have never been interested in pet birds. I like going to pet shops and seeing the puppies and kitties but I have this urge to open all the bird cages and let them fly away. It seems so wrong to have them locked away like that. Birds need room to fly and fish need room to swim! He was a really cool fish though and I had trained him to jump out of the water for his food. He was looking a little sad I have to say, the older he got, the more he would sit on the bottom of the vase on the pink aquarium rocks. He looked like he was sitting on his bum! He always looked like he was so fatigued he could barely move!

When we moved here to Melbourne I couldn't find anyone who would take him. I was so stressed about him because I was worried about his health but decided that he would have to come with us. I wanted him to have a reasonably stable trip so the vase was out for the mode of transport. He ended up in a Coke cup from Hungry Jacks. Worked out very well actually. He was double cupped for insulation and he fit in the cup holder which meant that he wouldn't slosh about too much. I fed him twice a day in his little cup but he didn't jump for it. I think he was bored and stressed so I don't really blame him. We almost froze him on the last day! We were almost to Melbourne and stopped to sleep at a truck stop. We were all rugged up and so were the Cats (who were also involved in our interstate road trip) but I forgot about Ferdie. Poor Ferdie! Siamese Fighting Fish are tropical fish and they do not respond well to big fluctuations in their water temperature (according to my random web-site research anyway).

When we got to the Backpackers after dropping the cats at their Kitty Hotel, I set up Ferdie's vase and perched a lamp over it to keep the water warm. By the next day it was like Ferdie had recovered his long lost youth! He was jumping out of the water again and he looked so happy. We think the Melbourne water was good for him! Plus I hadn't been feeding enough (not very well educated unfortunately). He moved with us again when we moved into our apartment and he seemed very happy on the windowsill with his heat lamp. I was reading about Fighting Fish and I learnt that they can and should live in bigger aquariums. Well, we needed to get him into a bigger aquarium! Unfortunately that particular adventure may have been a little too much for our little friend. Unfortuantely we had to bid him farewell yesterday. Darian and I saw him off by placing him in the garbage shoot, I just couldn't bear to flush him!. As the door slowly closed, he slid very slowly into the abyss. He will be remembered as the fish who could survive just about anything. Chatter, if you are out there, I am very sorry that you had to find out this way.

This is my tribute to my poor fish. Had I been better educated he would not have suffered so! Ferdie we love and miss you! The windowsill will never be the same again.

xox Jane

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Random thoughts for the day

Before I get into my usual rant I have just finished reading this article called "Sure-fire ways to get the sack" I find it mildly amusing that the author thought that this article should be published. There are 5 main reasons according to the article that you can expect to loose your job. Damage the companies reputation, Drunk on the job, Sexual misconduct and bullying, Theft or fraud and Non-disclosure. So what the author is saying is that you shouldn't say bad things about your employer, rock up to work drunk, sexually assault any co-workers, steal or otherwise lie. Is it just me or do these guide lines seem to obvious to mention? If that is journalism then please sign me up. I think I have some skills at stating the obvious as well. Maybe I am to opinionated? I should stick with blogging I guess, at least that way I can say whatever I want. Meanwhile saying whatever I want and getting paid for it sounds like the way to go.

So It is the second day of the new year! Haven't been to the gym once since a week before Christmas so already doing well with the new years resolutions. There has been some sort of issue with my pay and payroll won't get back until next week so I am hoping that I will be paid for the month I have been here (I hate being paid monthly!). That way I can get into my second new years resolution to pay of my debts. Poor Darian has been keeping me in my period of financial non-existance. As for my last New Years resolution, I had a picnic planned for yesterday but due to my hangover, it looks like it will have to wait until the weekend.

Speaking of New Year, I wanted to share this photo I took while wandering around the city during the New Year Celebrations. We had been drinking so everything was full of wonder and
enthusiasm but it seemed so out of place, this little Rubik cube on a door step. Interestingly it is missing one of its corners but I couldn't see anyone who might own it so I stole it. Yes that is right I stole the toy which possibly belonged to a small child, I know that makes me a bad person. I am not giving it up though. Now it is mine! *laughs* Because it is so small, it fits in my handbag so be prepared to see the adventures of mini-Rubik-cube or M.R.C for short.

One more observation for the day and I might leave you all alone! The Great Escape was on TV yesterday. One of my dad's favorites and I think most men of that age group would hold it in high regard. There are two things that stood out the most for me. The first is how well the prisoners were treated. I don't know much about the historical accuracy besides what I have picked up from TV and news etc. and what I have heard from my grandpa who was in Germany during the war. Still, in most modern films, prisoners of war are treated appallingly being beaten and horrible things done to various appendages. Steve McQueen escapes through the wire at one stage during the film and is recaptured. If the film was made in the last couple of years he would have suffered a fate worse than death however in this case he is given a base ball and catchers mit and put in solitary for a bit (luxury by comparison). Here is another abstract reference to Monty Python proving that it is all relative: Brian is thrown into his cell and the guard spits on him. "Favoritism" crys his cell mate! "Oh how I dream to have been spat at in the face! They only turned me up the right way yesterday!"

Ok now for my last observation for the day. One of the characters looked familiar, the more I stared the more familiar he got. I start screaming "Ducky!!! It's Ducky!!!". Poor Darian, I just destroy every day for him *laughs*. I did some research today and it turns out that I am right. Ashley-Pitt from The Great Escape is now Ducky (the coroner) from NCIS (the TV Show). His name is David McCallum and he seems to be a very interesting person. So on that note I leave you with two photos in tribute to David both young and not so young.

Love you all!
xox Jane

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