Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is a case of Friend Neglect

The reason for my blog today is because of the following comment on my Facebook 'Wall': 
alright 3 things about your blog missy...

1. change the backgroud i cant read it and neither can anyone elxse without destroying there retina...

2. very dissappointed that there was no mention of my visit, nor was there a mention of the fully sick party i threw by taking over the bar at the exford hotel, nor was there a mention of just my average
 greatness during that period of time... (last time i help you move)

and 3. there is no mention of missing me or any of the other friends in vegas that you left behind... thats just rude....
Lucas has been my friend for years and years and yet he still does not understand! I like colour and don't freak out it will not damage your retina. Geeze! Are you a man or a mouse? Meanwhile I think mice probably wouldn't mind the colours. But just for you I will do my best to find a less intense colour scheme.  

As for the next two comments - Fair call. I did not mention your visit but it was a highlight and now I feel sorry that I didn't. It was a crazy week when you came here and I certainly wasn't blogging at the time. Here is my public apology for being a slack friend and neglecting you even though you are of OVER average greatness for helping us move and generally for putting up with me for the last couple of years. I feel it is necessary to clarify however that the party you threw at the Exford consisted of you, me, Darian and some of the residents of the backpackers getting well smashed, followed by the black-out between the pub and home and finally a killer hangover the next day. You can't claim that you started a party!

It looks like we are suffering from a case of Friend Neglect! I can promise though Lucas that coffee isn't the same when it is just me, no matter how good it tastes (and just to settle the debate once and for all, Melbourne coffee is better). I haven't forgotten you my friend and so I will make more of an effort to show you that! *smiles* 

xox Love Always 

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  1. bout time i got some regognition for the fantastic efforts i put in to stop you becoming boring!!!... now lets clarify this party... your recolections seems somewhat inadequate...

    there was me, you, the kiwi, lushious laura the hot irish barmaid... merv the big man... the was Sarah and Kat (they were is sooooo hot and single now), Jared the Chef... Caitlyn, ah caitlyn... boyfirend went to south america and left her all alone so i felt the need to show her some love... she ended up throwing up in the toilets and leaving without saying goodbye... but we still chat every now and again... there was old mate that passed out and kept trying to feel you up... and there was the english dude (he was cool). there was the english ppl that bet me i could not skull a pint in my drunken stat (which as you know is never a good idea) and i won 2 free pints for me... there was also a hole lot of people i didnt know but that was okay cause we were having a blast... and that nite cost me $700.00 luck i had won 6 hundred earlier in the day at crown is all i can say... so yes EPIC PARTY... the black out between the pub door and home is a strange one cause for some reason i had no shirt on in a melbourne winter...and very random week... lots of food and drink... oh yeah you forgot also to mention the kiwi's first hang over and our day long quest for boost (and by quest i mean walking around melbourne cbd looking until i accosted a poor girl who had it for directions cause i was going to kill the kiwi cause he would stop bitiching about his hang over)... there you go a much more accurate description of events of that wild night... peace, love and good times... still luv ya!!!!!


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