Monday, December 29, 2008

Wink wink, nudge nudge

I am having withdrawals at the moment on a couple of fronts. The first is due to the lack of milk in the tea room which means that I am relying on my caffeine supply from one coffee I bought from Gloria Jeans downstairs and the can of energy drink I managed to pilfer from one of my colleagues. It hurts and I am sure if you have ever been addicted to anything then you understand the pain. My other withdrawal is caused by a complete lack of interesting current events. Sorry to her fans but seriously if I read one more article about Paris I will scream.  What is the great fascination? Ok... she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has used her wealth for evil instead of good. She isn't the first talentless millionaire and she won't be the last. Get over it, I am so sick of seeing her sour face on every magazine cover and now even the newspaper! Sorry again to her fans, I just don't see any redeeming features and as mentioned I am suffering caffeine withdrawals which is making me a little cranky. 

My third withdrawal is that I am missing my daily rock concert. My favorite thing when I worked far enough away from home that I needed to drive, was singing in the car. I can sing as loud and off key as I like and I have the whole imaginary crowd screaming for me. I work in the city now so I have a very short walk before I get to the building. Because my job is a little repetitive, I am allowed to listen to the radio through the day but it is all I can do not to sing along! I get busted all the time humming/singing under my breath (or depending on how carried away I get, not so much under my breath). I can't help it! I am such a performer, love being the centre of attention but, not much of a singer I am afraid. I should really be apologising to my fellow workers I think for the impromptu mini concerts which sometimes slip out. The Scissor Sisters are on next I am going to try to contain myself! 

My last withdrawal is girl talk. I don't normally catch myself thinking about how much I want someone to talk to. I guess because I am always busy and I normally have lots to keep my mind active. Mum and Dad went home on the weekend and Darian is finishing at reasonable hours 
over the last couple of days so don't feel too sorry for me. Still the lack of gal-pals in my vicinity is getting to me a little. I would spend every spare second with Jo or Lucas (sorry Lucas, you are not a girl but you definately listened to my girl-talk so you get thrown into this section) but now its just phone calls (which I really don't like that much) and chatting on facebook. I want someone to gossip to! Maybe it is just a little bit of home-sickness? You can only be excited about such a big change for so long. 

I need to make some friends who let me come visit whenever I want for coffee. *laughs* I really miss that. Meanwhile, Darian will be home early today so I will make coffee in the beautiful new coffee mugs that I got for Christmas. They are the ones that I photographed and emailed to Darian with a big "Wink wink, nudge nudge" (how is that for an obscure Monty Python reference?). And then I will make him talk to me. My usual method there is to sit in between him and the computer and proceed to talk at him while he pretends to be interested and sneakily reads his tech news thinking I don't notice. *laughs* 

See I told you I get cranky when I have no coffee. Don't worry I like you anyway!

xox Goodnight!
- Jane 

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