Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Years!!!!!

Ok I come back to a comment I have made in the past: I cannot believe the year is over. What happened? So fast! All of my news sources are wrapping up the year with lists of the highlights. Even Time Magazine (which I almost never read regrettably but stumbled upon when my parents visited) has a "List Issue". I won't go into the main highlights because you can look them up yourself. Trust me they are everywhere!

I think I achieved a lot this year. I moved interstate, I am a couple of units closer to a uni degree and I am working in an industry I really like. 
That doesn't look all that impressive when I write it down but seriously I couldn't have achieved any more than that if I tried. I haven't exactly had a lot of spare time! The biggest set back was definitely moving. Everythi
ng we had sorted out before the move has been well and truly undone *laughs* part of the excitement I guess. 

Moving forward I am looking at the very real possibility that I will (as I did last year) completely ditch my New Years Resolutions on the 2nd of January. I am trying to keep myself honest here people so I am publicly broadcasting my resolutions for the new year:

1. Go to the gym 3 times a week and not gain any more weight (in fact loosing a bit would be ok)
2. Concentrate on paying off debts (and not get into more)
3. Have at least one picnic a month because we need to spend more time outside.

Looking good so far. I will update the list if I think of anything else I should be concentrating on.

I have made an effort to stay away from politics on this blog because I am not overly knowledgeable or even all that opinionated howe
ver, please have a look at the following link if you are at all interested in the Australian Government proposed Internet Filters. I think the guy who wrote the article really covers the aspects of the proposal that disturb me and that I hope disturb you as well. 

Sorry I am leaving this post on a bit of a downer but I really do wish everyone a very, very happy new year! 
No doubt this will be me tomorrow morning. I love you all anyway!
xox - Jane

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