Sunday, December 21, 2008

The art of BS

So today's challenge: I have very little actual work and a whole day of work time to do it in. Naturally that is where my mind deviates and I (in this case out of sheer desperation) procrastinate by listening to the radio and writing in my blog. Yes I know... bad me.... should be working but they don't even have any filing/cleaning for me to do (otherwise I would be doing that!). Meanwhile I don't have anything in particular to say. 'Wow'... I hear you say... 'I am so glad that I decided to read this. She is going to waffle on about nothing and waste precious minuets of my life!'. So this is where the art of BS is a useful tool. If one is a successful BS artist, they can waste someones life minuets without the reader knowing that time has been wasted. Not that I would be so arrogant as to think that I am in fact so talented a BS artist however I am giving it my best shot today. 

I have been writing my Christmas cards over the last week or so. I know none of them will get to where they are supposed to by Christmas (because that is only 4 days away!) but then I guess if they did, my friends wouldn't believe that it was me who sent them! My closest friends know to make sure that they give me an ETA about half an hour or more before I am supposed to be there. Yes it is true, I am that disorganised! Meanwhile on my resume in my aptitude section it says "Highly organised". I guess it is technically a fib but when I am at work I am a star prioritiser. So anything I don't achieve through organisation is covered regardless becasuse it all happens in order. *laughs* Sorry, I will stop trying to sell myself now. I won't go too far into brutal honesty though in this forum. Like anyone else, I hate acknowledging my flaws but I like to think I am in-tune with them anyway.

So my parents are here at the moment. They like it here so far (I hope! despite my little shoe-box appartment). I think I have been taking the tour guide role a little too seriously. A small character (I don't like saying flaw, lets say...) quirk of mine is that when I am nervous I talk... a lot! I find some people find this endearing (Darian for example) and others find it annoying and slightly scary. Regardless, having my parents here makes me a little nervous so I have been a human motormouth. It isn't their fault I get nervous its just that I want everything to be perfect. That is the dumbest part of the whole issue because they are very laid back and not demanding in anyway! So what is wrong with me? I can't answer that but I have been told a number of times this weekend to calm down *laughs*. I have always been a little high strung although over the last couple of years I have been working on that. Still can't shake the neuroticism! I think maybe some things are just too ingrained in your DNA that no matter how much you try to knock it out, it just keeps comming back.

I hope I have successfully BSed my way through todays post. I think I have found something here at work that will take up the rest of the day so I will get to it. 
Love to all!



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