Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hi all!

So today's blog is written from a pub in Melbourne. After much anguish I have sorted out my internet connection via my mobile phone (which, in case anyone is considering it, is great!). We have eaten far too much and had a few Heineken's so we are both relatively jovial at this stage (Darian is giving his friend relationship advice so I have some time for myself). So far Melbourne is lovely. Because it is winter, Melbourne is a mix of grey, cold and naked trees. It has all the feel of New York City only with an Australian twist. That makes it strange for me, coming from the heat and regularity of Brisbane to what seems like a whole other world. It isn't a different world though because, while the majority of the trees are deciduous there are still the ever green eucalypts scattered here and there which are so much like Queensland it makes me ache for ex-home.

The city is beautiful and there are crazy little alleys which at night are graffitied and intimidating but during the day are bright and vibrant with cafes, Barber shops, deli's and restaurants all bustling with people and flowers. It is amazing to me how the city is in places so cold and grey with little pockets of vibrant colours while yet others are made up of tall, imposing buildings of wrought iron and archaic carved stone. I am really enjoying my time here so far! Absolutely loving it.

The trip down on the other hand was chaos in a car and 3 tonne truck. Seriously I didn't realise how far it was and had thought that we would be able to take it relatively easy and stop often etc. Darian had other plans and stopping wasn't really in there anywhere. I didn't realise that my boyfriend was such a slave driver! If there wasn't at least 10 metres of road between us the whole time I would have had giant red welts on my back from the whip! It was an entertaining trip meanwhile and I am glad that I have experienced it once. Next move will be done by removalists though! To paint the scene for you: I was in my little Festiva while Darian drove the 3 tonne truck we hired from Budget for 4 days. One would think that four days would be enough and there would be no rushing... Ok I am sorry, I was a little bitter about my rush trip especially seeing as we ended up leaving really late (because of packing and stuff) and most of our driving was at night when we couldn't see anything due to the dark. Very un-cool! ... So in my car, there are blankets and a whole pile of study materials/ clothes/ various things I need at hand all the time. Sitting next to me in her plastic box is Hunny howling at the injustice of being kept in a cage rather than the house and garden she had become so used to. Finally, in a travel mug is Ferdinand, my Siamese fighting fish, who if you ask me had the most right of anyone to be pissed off about the whole situation. Funnily enough Ferdinand made the least noise the whole way. Josephine rode in the cab with Darian who was driving the truck. It annoys me that trucks were invented by men who don't understand why cars have the lever on the side of the chairs which allow the seat to move closer to the steering wheel. Seriously I think girls would be far more hard-core and into trucks and tractors and big things with engines, if only we could see over the dashboard. So long story short, Darian drove the truck because I am not long enough to reach the pedals and drive safely. Probably for the best. As soon as the cats finally settled down, the trip was a lot more enjoyable. Darian and I communicated the whole way down with two way radio's which was fun. In hindsight it would maybe have been better if we had bought new ones instead of borrowing a friends dodgy ones which only worked when they felt like it: "Turn here... Turn here.... Darian, can you hear me? Turn here!... Darian?... TURN HERE D**N YOU TURN HERE!" "Why are you flashing your lights and beeping your horn? Is everything OK? Did you say something?" I am sure you can see how that would add to the stress rather than relieving it. Still, very entertaining. I guess the main thing I realised from the whole experience is that no matter how much I like my CD collection, it is far too small and I never want to hear the Moulin Rouge sound track again.

So now we are in Melbourne, I have thoughtfully omitted the tears, arguments and negative moments and have given you the sunny parts! It was by and large a good trip, too much caffine and not enough sleep but it was OK. Ferdinand is still kicking despite a very cold cold night in his cup which would have been very miserable for him. He looks better than he has for a long time now though. He is in our backpacker room with a light on him so that he doesn't get cold. I have to say the backpackers has been very comfortable so far and the big thick walls have made it very warm! All that is left for us now is employment and hopefully a place to live and we will be set!

I will kiss you all goodnight, thank you for your attention again to my rant and I hope you are all well and happy! I am missing all the people from up north while loving my new city!

xox Love to all

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