Saturday, August 2, 2008

Here is to new adventures

Firstly, I would like to apologise to my loyal fans for being so slack over the last month and not blogging. I love both of you and will endeavor to do better in the future.

Darian and I are officially leaving Brisbane on the 15th of this month (that's August) to start a new adventure in Melbourne. I am feeling a whole host of emotions over our immanent relocation including; excitement, apprehension, hope, terror and nostalgia. I am of course looking forward to the change, after all as a member of the Y generation I am comfortable with and need new situations/stimuli in my life. The phenomenon of Generation Y and its differences from previous generations is very interesting to me (funnily enough) and is a topic I would like to revisit at another stage.

My apprehension and terror is specifically due to my 'fish out of water' complex. As it happens, this has developed practically overnight! We have been talking about it for so long with all of the "what if's" and the "will we? won't we?" discussions and I thought that by this stage I would be well and truly OK with the whole situation. Unfortunately, as is often the case for me, my imagination is getting the better of me. We only have two weeks to work everything out. We don't really know how much it will all cost until we get there. How bad can 3 degrees celsious actually be? I will still be in contact with my friends, I hope, and definately my family but email and post are not the same as coffee and a chat.

All of this plays on my mind and yet there is still this little part of me that is screaming "You want to see the world! What is keeping you in Brisbane! This is an adventure, just do it!" Dad said to me that I should only move to Melbourne for the right reasons. I asked if simply wanting to experience a different city was a good enough reason. He said it was and left me wondering... what exactly was he trying to say (not exactly common whith advice comming from Dad, he is usually pretty direct)? What would the wrong reason be? Perhaps running from problems? I don't know that I have had any problems, in my whole life, that would be worth running from. I think that has less to do with skill and more to do with luck really *laughs*. So without all of the unnecessary worries/stresses, all that is left is excitement! And I am so very very very excited!

I have been looking for Melbourne fasion on the internet and so far have come up with some rules for dressing in Melbourne. I am going to post them so that I can let you all know how they work/fail when I am actually living it!
1. Layers are key - 4 seasons in one day apparently so layer up, that way when it gets warm you have clothes to take off and when it cools down you have some to put back on.
2. Mittens and Booties - Oh I can absolutely see these comming in handy! It was 9 degrees celsious about three or four mornings ago and I was having a very hard time typing with frozen fingers. On the same morning in Melbourne the weather was closer to 3 degrees celsious. I am from Queensland, we like it hot... not 9 degrees and definately not 3 degrees. Regardless mittens and booties may be of assistance.
3. The Jacket - I have been told to get one good jacket that works with pants and jeans so that I can look stylish and be warm no matter what I have on underneath. Melbourne is afterall the style capital of Australia. That probably means I am going to need to go to classes or something. I can do the disorganised, chaotic, scruffy or plain look but I don't know if I can do glam or stylish.

What I am looking forward to is Melbourne Culture. I am especially excited about the museums and art galleries! Not so excited about the shopping, food, night life etc. simply because they could mean the end of my relationship. I just can't say no to a shop assistant who says "It looks lovely on you, you simply must have it!" or better yet "Yes it is gorgeous and only $500, did I mention that it is half price?". I wonder how many times I can use the phrase "Don't worry baby it was free" before it stops being believable?

So here is what has been happening since I last blogged to you all:

I have resigned from my job and only have 10 working days left. That is huge! I have been there for over 1 year! I have never had a hard time leaving a job before but this time my heart is really going out to my employer. Don't get me wrong I don't mean this in an arrogant way. Mum reminded me of a quote we both heard once: "To the important person: Take a bucket and fill it with water, put your hand in it up to the wrist, pull it out and the hole that is remaining, is a measure of how much you will be missed.", which I think is relevant here. I do not think I am irreplaceable, however, I do think that there would be a better time for them to have to find a replacement for me. They have only just taken over the business, and lets face it, the manufacturing industry as a whole is far from simple not to mention 35 years of pent up problems just waiting to surface would make this a serious challenge. I only wish that I could either, fix everything in the two weeks that I will be here or go to Melbourne and help here at the same time. Its so irronic, and frustrating, that just as my job is starting to get interesting, I am leaving! From a selfish standpoint I guess I will find other interesting and challenging jobs and I really do not need the frustration of my current position. On the other hand, and this sentiment has kept me in some shocking jobs, I feel connected to the new owners and to their plight and I would really like to help them!

We have put in our intention to leave with our landlord and will be vacating the premises by the 21st (I think) which gives us time after we finish up at our respective jobs to go visit my Mum and Dad before we head to Melbourne. I have booked tomorrow for cleaning and umm.... minor repairs on our rental house (some paint may or may not have come off the walls due to the weight of a certain someone's speakers and some dodgy stick on wall hooks). Packing is an absolute mission! I have been directed to condense four 55Litre plastic containers full of 'art equipment' (loosely translated, 'art equipment' refers to anything that I don't want to throw away as it may have use in the future even if that use is simply to become a part of my sculpture which as yet does not exist even in concept idea let alone reality) into one because apparently the truck we are hireing to drive all our stuff to Melbourne is somewhat smaller than a Boeing 747. Seriously though, I am willing to forfeight Darians 42 inch television before I want to consider getting rid of my miscellaneous c**p. I did empty all of the clothes from my wardrobe which are no longer usefull and filled two garbage bags so I think I deserve a little congratulations for my sacrifice! Do you think that means I can keep everything else? I will let you know how I go.

I know I could rattle on for many more moons, I just wanted to keep you posted on the latest developments and will attempt to do so for the rest of this adventure!!!

Love Always,


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