Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Work Stuff

I work in an industrial estate. Its not bad actually because I don't have to dress up or impress anyone and I can be fairly relaxed without too much drama. The best part, everyone else who works in the building is as cranky in the morning as I am so no-one bothers me until they see me on my second cup of coffee! Meanwhile, I have to say that where I perk up after my coffee the rest of them stay cranky for the rest of the day. There are downsides however: the first is that I am surrounded by yuck. That includes all over the roof, my desk, in my clothes, hair and I am pretty sure that every time I get out of the shower I am a little whiter than I was beforehand. Rubber dust is the most amazing substance because it is sneaky and is attracted to static electricity (quite a bit for a compound that is supposedly non-conductive) so you find it on your new white shirt in a weird places, like on your back, or under your arm on the reverse of the material? Oh and don't get me started about the car parts. Please gentlemen before dumping your engine mount covered in grease and grime on my clean 'goods inwards' book... Don't! Back up with the dirty, yucky metal and rubber thing and put it on the ground (or better in the skip down the side of the building). Yes, it is difficult to be a princess here but I think I give it the best shot possible all things considered.

The man who owns the business (until recently that is) is a really nice old guy who has worked his whole life in the rubber industry and for the past 35 years he has owned this one. Like all good Australian men, his dog (Maddy) is his best friend and (here is another quirk exclusive to the industrial estate) she is allowed to come to work with him. Can you imagine taking your pet to your office job? Cafe job? If we completely disregard health and safety concerns, it is kind of sweet. Big burley tradies who turn to complete mush when it comes to their animals. It is pretty entertaining though because dogs in general are pretty quick to pick up vibes (must be because they can't talk so they are really good observers, something I think we could all learn from) and if Maddy's friends (and she has made many here in the factory) don't like someone, she makes them very uncomfortable. This is especially funny because our milk man, after an altercation over a year ago, won't even come inside the office to drop off the milk. He makes an effort to get here before 8am (so I don't see him and make him come inside) and drops the milk at the front door and runs back to his van.

While I am on the topic of turning to mush, I would like to make an observation. One of my friends has just had a baby. She is the only baby I have honestly been exposed to for more than a couple of hours and please don't take this the wrong way because she is absolutely adorable and I couldn't adore her any more if she was my own. However, have you noticed that normal, grown adults turn into gibbering idiots as soon as they look at a baby? It is quite incredible and I have found myself doing exactly the same thing just to make the baby laugh! Poking our tongues out, prancing around, pulling faces, being absolutely amazed by everything with giant smiles and big expressions. I get it we are trying to teach them something right? The kid is looking at us like we are mad! Maybe we are...

Thanks for tuning in again for my crack talk.

xox Hope you are all well!

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