Thursday, May 29, 2008

Weird & Wonderful World

So here is the second installment of 'Jane On The Internet'. Honestly I am just posting this because I am stuffing around with designs and things. I have now put my own slide show in the side panel. All the images are found-images in that I am not responsible for the photography. I am hoping to upload some more images but am still nutting out exactly which ones I want to include.

So I apparently live in the least livable city in Australia. Brisbane is behind Adelaide? We even dropped two points! (
Even better, I found the link to the Full Survey: Click here
According to this news article, the most livable city list is used for employers transferring their employees. The reasoning behind this is that the employee will be entitled to more cash if the city is less livable. So technically I should be making more here than I would if I were doing the same job in Sydney. "No stupid, that means that if your boss wants to move you to Perth, they have to pay you more than if they send you to Sydney because Perth is less livable" - Daria. Yeah... umm... so anyway, while Brisbane scores the least here in Australia (24th out of 215), it still beats Baghdad (last and not without good reason at the moment).
Anyone who knows me also knows that Darian and I are looking to move to Melbourne (and have been for the last year). This is a very draining experience and I am sure you can understand that after waiting and waiting and hoping and planning I am ready to move already! Start the adventure and all that jazz... without the tap dancing of course. So, Melbourne ranks number 17 which is pretty livable especially considering that that is 17th out of 215 cities. So looking forward to it!

Thank you for tuning in again!

Love Jane

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